Comparison Between Blackberry 9900 and Blackberry Bold

Updated October 6, 2023

Blackberry is the company’s slimmest smartphone in the market and made its bow at the Blackberry World in Florida and its characterized by its touchscreen which gives it a distinct advantage over its compatriot. It is noteworthy to dig deep to compare between the two phones. The following are the comparisons between the Blackberry 9900 and Blackberry Bold;

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blackberry bold 9900 vs blackberry bold

  • Form Factor One of the most vital factors in any phone is the size as you do not want a device that is too big or too small to use effectively. The 9900 is slimmer and the thinnest of all Blackberries, it is also slightly wider and longer than the bold model. The bold model retains the iconic chassis that is the hallmark of Blackberry phones – that of a flat, wide and heavy chassis. And although the Bold model is that bit heavier, this is due to its large screen.
  • The Display The blackberry bland is not known for its wide screens and the video enthusiasts are better off with other brands. But on that count the 9900 beats its compatriot with 2.8 inch screen compared to that of Bold model that only tops 2.44 inches. The benefit of the wider screen is that the 9900 can boost of a native resolution of 640 by 480 pixels compared to 480 by 360 pixels for the Bold model. Add to that the inclusion of the touchscreen that enables multi touch and you get the feeling that the 9900 wins this round.
  • The Engine Room The 9900 model packs 1.2 GHz as well as a respectable RAM of 768 MB. On its part the Blackberry Bold is powered by a more modest 624MHz processor and a 515 MB of RAM. On this count you can also say that the Blackberry 9900 aces it over its Bold rival, but the fact that the Bold is less likely to be utilized for very heavy graphic, the omission of the dual-core chip is not a big hindrance.
  • Storage For starters both machines possess a microSD slot that is helpful if you want to expand on memory, the difference is that for the Bold it is up to 32GB, which is bettered by that of the 9900 which tops 40GB. The 9900 performs better when you consider the in-built memory as it packs a cool 8GB, which smashes the rather pedestrian 515 MB of its compatriot.
  • Imaging The two devices appears to be on the same wavelength in terms of their on-board cameras as they both possess 5M cameras with LCD flash. But they are separated when it comes to video capture skills, as the 9900 will offer you a fantastic 720p High Definition video capture, while its rival -the Blackberry Bold- can only offer standard video capture abilities.
  • Software – The 9900 is the first Blackberry phone to grace the new OS 7.0 which is a class ahead of the Bold which runs the OS 6.0. The new software version offers the 9900 distinct advantages like; improved web browsing and support for the touchscreen.

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    The battery is the device downfall. A smartphone that can’t keep up for a day..

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