Best SMS Apps for Small Businesses

Updated October 6, 2023

There are many SMS services for you to choose from no matter your business focus. Small businesses however have a specific set of needs and the right SMs app will address them. Here are three for you to consider for your business that are Easy to use, able to integrate with other apps, and are affordable.


If you are looking for a do-it-all SMS app that is easy to use, try Message Port which is an Edgility Online SMS platform. The software is a complete web-based SMS solution giving your business the functionality it needs on a daily basis. SMS should be simple to create and manage and that is what MessagePort focuses on. It also allows you to track communications with all stakeholders from employees to customers in a direct and effective way. Finally, the soft is fast, delivering the services you need with a minimum of clicks. Here are some of the platform’s best features.

Email SMS (OMS) – OMS allows you to send test messages via email and MessagePort provides this important feature.

Merge SMS – You will often send the same SMS message to multiple receivers and you want to personalize each mail. MessagePort allows you to send specific greetings or message parts that show your recipient that you are only thinking about him or her.

Templates – If you send recurring messages you will love using templates. They allow you to quickly send the same message set-up that you can update each time.

Scheduler – If your time is tight, why not schedule when each of your messages are to be sent. MessagePort lets you schedule all of your messages.

Multi Admin – Multi Admin lets you take management over your user lists and account reporting functions. You get an up to date reporting on each account.

Virtual Numbers – Virtual numbers let you make your SMS campaigns completely portable and specific. Use them for specific promotions you send via SMS. You gain complete control over the campaign and can use specific keywords for your promotion.

Cost Centres – If you have different groups targeted for your SMS campaigns, now you can manage them separately. This includes for each campaign, how it is manged, reported and its costs


Many feel that SimpleTexting is a top option in terms of setting up an SMS campaign quickly. The software uses an intuitive user interface with everything accessible from its main screen. You can contact customers directly by going to the Campaigns tab. Then click New Campaign, and when you give it a name, you are immediately ready to start sending SMS messages to your customers. The software is also powerful, with several key features including running surveys, polls, and sweepstakes and their analytics are thorough.


Salesmagis the most basic software option on the list and does not contain all of the features that the others do. But if you are a small business and want limited functions with a clean interface and speed, Salesmag deserves a look. One other key limitations is that it is only available for U.S. – or Canada-based small businesses.

The service gives you four option tabs: ConversationsContactsBroadcasts, and Triggers. Where the software excels is that it combines well with other apps. You can integrate it into Outlook or Google Calendar and with CRM platforms like Zoho, HubSpot, and Pipedrive. The software works seamlessly with these platforms and gives them quick and easy SMS functions.

Select any of these three SMS services and you will get great service, But be sure of the specific goals you have for your company to ensure that the one you pick fits your needs.

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