25 Best ChatGPT Plugins for Everyone – 2024

Updated December 23, 2023

Do you ever want ChatGPT, your favorite AI chatbot, had more features? OpenAI has responded to your request by releasing a variety of plugins which will enhance the chatbot experience for you.

Using ChatGPT’s plugins, you are able to connect with other programmes like Zapier, Slack, Instacart, or many more, similar to the way WordPress offers Yoast SEO for optimising SEO. Well, that’s Interesting, right?

People are eager (and worried) about the possibility for plugins to entirely alter how we utilize online resources through providing ChatGPT the ability to collect real-time data.

Many people compare plugins to Apple’s ground-breaking App Store debut. The more alternatives there are, the more logic this comparison creates.

However, there’s still more! Explore the best 25 ChatGPT plugins mentioned in this article to discover how to make the most of each one. To improve your ChatGPT skills, continue reading!

What is ChatGPT?

The release of ChatGPT primarily by OpenAI in the month of November 2022 marks a shift in conversational artificial intelligence.

It can hold insightful and interesting discussions, respond to challenging questions, produce information, and even compose poetry thanks to its GPT-3.5 architecture.

Modern technology has revolutionized a number of sectors, notably advertising, customer service, learning, or healthcare.

The manner in which we engage with machines has changed thanks to ChatGPT, which has made it simpler, more personalized, and human-like.

ChatGPT is altering the experience for chatbots or virtual assistants by enhancing their intelligence and productivity through its cutting-edge natural language processing capabilities.

Why these Plugins Are Important

Since ChatGPT is a wonderful conversational artificial intelligence chatbot, it has a number of drawbacks, such as giving out-of-date and biased responses, only supporting text, lacking voice capabilities, and more.

The initial approach to addressing and overcoming several of these constraints is to use ChatGPT Plugins.

The browsing plugin enables you to produce updated replies that incorporate all of the current and specific data.

By evaluating in a real-world setting, the code generated by the interpreter plugin reduces mistakes in code created by ChatGPT.

You may automate tedious and unnecessary processes with the aid of third-party plugins like Slack, Instcart, OpenTable, or other services.

List of Best ChatGPT Plugins for Everyone

S.NoChatGPT PluginS.NoChatGPT Plugin
2AI Argil15Milo
5Summarize This18Slack
7Picasso20Golden Knowledge Graph
8Video Insights21Zapier
9Retrieval by ChatGPT22ChatSonic
13edX plugin

Read the list below to have an idea bout best ChatGPT plugins so you can choose which suits your need the best.

1. DesignerGPT

Designer GPT

Have you ever wished to develop a website from scratch? The DesignerGPT plugin, on the other hand, enables users to quickly create websites. This ChatGPT plugin is ideal for business owners and creatives since it quickly develops text and graphics so that your website is usable.

Let’s take the example of you starting a personal blog. Enter the name of the blog and your favourite aesthetic, and done! Within seconds, DesignerGPT can produce a beautiful, fully functional website.

2. AI Argil

Argil AI Plugin for ChatGPT

The ChatGPT plugin called Argil AI will let you make your dreams come true. This plugin quickly produces lifelike graphics, making it the perfect tool for designers, artists, as well as content makers.

Suppose that you require a competent headshot to add to your portfolio—here’s an intriguing use case. Argil AI will quickly create an amazing professional picture of you from a photo and a description you provided.

3. Kayak


You won’t ever have to deal with the stress of trip planning anymore. For busy people and frequent travellers, the ChatGPT plugin called Kayak is ideal because it handles your travel bookings. Simply enter your preferred location, and ChatGPT’s Kayak plugin is going to take care of the rest.

4. ChatWithPDF


The ChatGPT plugin, ChatWithPDF lets you convert any PDF file into a live chat. It enables you to analyze and pose questions from the PDF, making it ideal for researchers, scholars, and businesspeople.

You might, for instance, be reviewing for a test and require clarity on a particular subject in a PDF textbook. the paper, with ChatWithPDF you don’t need to leave the document, it enables users to ask queries and get responses.

5. Summarize This


Stop occupying yourself by watching long YouTube videos, folks. Summarize This ChatGPT plugin compresses video information, responds to iquiries, and when necessary, even offers timestamps.

Consider learning a challenging idea through a 2-hour video. The learning process will be more effective thanks to Summarize This, which provides you with a succinct summary and timestamps for important topics.

6. Speechki


Use the ChatGPT plugin called speechki to convert text into audio with excellent quality. This plugin enables users to post the created audio wherever they want and is ideal for those who podcast, audiobook authors, and content creators.

Think about making an audiobook and a podcast episode. To share your creation to the world, just create the written content and ask ChatGPT to provide the audio.

7. Picasso

AI Picasso

Use the ChatGPT Picasso plugin to discuss and interact with photos. Imagine obtaining a tasty recipe from a tempting dish’s picture. Using Picasso, users are able to bring visual material to life in a variety of ways.

8. Video Insights

ChatGPT Video Insight Plugin

The Video Insights Plugin improves ChatGPT’s usefulness by giving users simple access to useful data from other video hosting sites, like Daily Motion or YouTube. Users only need to provide the video’s link to have ChatGPT extract its metadata, transcript or other pertinent information.

 9. Retrieval by ChatGPT

Retrieval ChatGPT Plugin

Manufacturers can self-host or activate their own edition of the Retrieval ChatGPT plugin using this open-source approach. Developers can choose from Milvus, Qdrant, Pinecone, Redis,  Zilliz or Weaviate  their vector database of choice for categorizing and finding documents using the plugin, which makes use of OpenAI embedding. With webhooks, sources of data and the database could be synchronized.

10. FiscalNote


Clients of the FiscalNote ChatGPT plugin can transform findings into workable strategies. It provides a thorough overview of recent developments in law, policy, and regulation so that users may stay informed and make wise judgements.

You can communicate using FiscalNote in a chatting format thanks to the incorporation of ChatGPT, addressing any queries you might have while getting tailored answers from ChatGPT.

11. Instacart

instacart chatgpt plugin

If you have ever had trouble with purchasing groceries and preparing meals, you’re not alone. Instead, you may use the recently released Instacart plugin for ChatGPT to transform the meal-planning problems into a quick source of inspiration or fulfilment.

You may add all the essential supplies to the Instacart cart in just a couple of clicks after ChatGPT suggests meals and recipes depending on what you require.

12. Klarna


Then Klarna has to be your closest friend if you happen to be a compulsive shopper who is constantly searching for sales and the best prices.

Using the latest Klarna ChatGPT plugin, your buying experience will only get improved. The plugin would effectively act as a customized purchasing assistant.

13. edX plugin

edx Plugin

The edX plugin is a helpful addition for ChatGPT Plus users as it enables quick access to a wide range of learning programs from edX’s enormous library of 4,200 courses. Individuals  have access to a variety of educational resources, such as course recommendations, videos, content or quizzes etc.

14. OpenTable


Additionally, OpenTable and OpenAI collaborated to create a ChatGPT plugin which recommends restaurants in chat. Under this alliance, OpenTable becomes a pioneering ChatGPT operator in the food service industry.

Also Kayak, employ the chatbot to offer suggestions for airfare, lodging, and rental vehicles business. Customers of OpenTable or Kayak should enjoy a better user experience as a result of this collaboration with ChatGPT.



To assist parents in managing the turmoil of their families and day-to-day home chores, Milo serves as the AI co-pilot ChatGPT plugin.

It can filter as well as send data wherever it’s required to go whilst learning from feedback thanks to GPT-4, the most recent large-language paradigm.

Milo can deal with mail threads that are active screenshots, whiteboard images, Text threads, and more, and convert it into organized sanity that is available to spouses, grandparents, careers, and anyone else who requires the information. Milo is available for free usage and is presently in beta.

16. Shopify


Shopify has not made any announcements despite being included by OpenAI as a third-party plugin for chatGPT. However, Shopify just included an AI-powered buying help feature in its ChatGPT-powered Shop application.

This function provides consumers with tailored shopping suggestions depending on the browsing habits, favorite items, and the goods sold by Shopify’s sellers.

17. Speak

Speak plugin for chatgpt

Speak, an application for translation from one language to another, also worked with OpenAI to introduce the ChatGPT plugin, that provides a customized language-learning environment for users looking for explanations or translations among languages.

With the goal of connecting with the program easily, it has already started testing the plugin among beta users and improving its text-based teaching experience.

18. Slack


Slack has ChatGPT built into it, rendering Slack a ChatGPT application. Users can instantly access chat summaries, study resources, and writing support because of the AI model’s comprehensive expertise and data processing capabilities, which eliminate the need for context shifting.

The application’s capacity to boost productivity by giving users access to rapid support and content comprehension is revolutionary language instruction in addition to English.

19. Wolfram


The Wolfram plugin integrates ChatGPT’s text producing capacity with Wolfram’s analytical strength, which can produce precise data and resolve challenging issues. It makes it possible for ChatGPT to ask Wolfram for information and deliver users with the answers.

20. Golden Knowledge Graph

Golden Knowledge Graph Plugin

Using the Golden plugin, you may link ChatGPT to more modern sources of economic and commercial data. It’s excellent for finding market data and corporate statistics.

21. Zapier


Using the Zapier plugin, people can interact with more than 5,000 applications (including Gmail, Google Sheets, or Slack) right from ChatGPT’s user interface.

This brand-new tool, which is currently in beta, enables users to automate processes right from ChatGPT’s user interface, eliminating time as well as the inconvenience of context shifting.

22. ChatSonic


The potential danger of creating shallow, low-value material that doesn’t meet the requirements of readers grows as the application of AI for content generating does. Nevertheless, you can save yourself from the trouble of going through such content by employing the AI content identification ChatGPT plugin, which makes it easy to spot thin AI content.

23. PromptPerfect


For engineers, content producers, and AI programmers, PromptPerfect is a powerful prompt optimization tool created specifically for massive language modelling (LLMs) as well as large models (LMs). By utilizing an intuitive interface and strong capabilities, PromptPerfect enables prompt optimization simpler and more accessible to a wider range of users.

24. Noteable


With the Noteable plugin, people can quickly interact with their information, conduct data modifications, and identify relevant trends or patterns. Through the use of this particular plugin, teamwork is also made easier, immediate data sharing is made feasible, and efficiency in workflows is raised.

Without any prior coding experience, users may even develop and modify data-driven papers and receive access to a wealth of valuable data.

25. ScholarAI


The ScholarAI Plugin serves as an independent program that interacts easily with ChatGPT and gives users a link to a sizable database of quick, trustworthy, and peer-reviewed scientific information. Users may effectively search and obtain knowledge from educational databases, scientific publications, as well as research papers by using this plugin.


It is crucial for us to understand how to effectively utilise these resources in order to stay strong in both personal and professional life as more individuals adopt ChatGPT with these strong plugins in their daily lives. Hope you find this compilation helpful and we hope that you find the best plugin for your needs from this article. Our AI Content Detector tools can also help you detect the work done by ChatGPT.

How can I use ChatGPT’s code interpreter?

Discord is a good option if you are opposed to sitting on the waitlist for accessing the ChatGPT Coding Interpreter plugin.

How many different languages chatGPT support?

A chatbot that’s compatible with many languages is called ChatGPT. Over fifty languages are supported by chatGPT.

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