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Updated October 6, 2023

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Marketers complain that email marketing is no longer effective. It becomes much more difficult to send appealing emails and surprise subscribers with personalization just because everybody does it. Specialists should work harder, look for new methods to engage users and do their best to stand out. This fight for customers’ attention is useful as well since it helps discover fresh ideas and take much effort to achieve their goal. This review is devoted to the powerful marketing service offering a wide range of tools and features to facilitate your business growth and this is SendPulse.

Surely, there’s no service that will do all the work for you. The point is that SendPulse helps reinforce your marketing efforts. How?

1:- Multichannel communication

This service allows to reach out to your audience via bulk emails, web push notifications, and Viber. Moreover, you can use these channels altogether within one campaign for better engagement. Send welcome email to greet a new subscriber, send push notification to inform about new arrivals, send SMS with shipping status or order details, send a message via Viber with a special offer.

2:- Artificial Intelligence technology

This is a step forward to make your communication personalized and segmented. The technology specifies the best communication channel and time for every subscriber to receive from you. It helps increase email open rate by 50%. To get accurate data, send not less than 10 email campaigns.

3:- Free plan

You can use the service absolutely for free if your mailing list has less than 2500 subscribers. Send up to 15000 emails monthly. This is the most generous pricing plan we’ve ever met.

Free Plan SendPulse

4:- Free web push notifications

Use web push notifications absolutely for free to drive more traffic to your website and increase your outreach. Notify your customers of updates, sales, order status.

5:- Responsive subscription forms

Send Emails

Create your own subscription form with an easy-to-use form builder. Customize it with your brand colours, change its style, add text and images. You can either choose one from pre-designed forms or create your own one.

SendPulse offers advanced email marketing automation tools called Automation 360.

What is Automation 360?

Automation 360 allows to send right emails to right subscribers predetermined by their actions. This is not just a personalized and segmented email sent to the entire mailing list. Your emails will be triggered by your customers’ actions. Every single user receives an email as a response to their previous interaction with your brand. You can create advanced automation flows using filters and conditions to make them relevant for every receiver.

How to create and send an automation flow?

This is the working field where you create an automation flow. First of all, choose the event you want to track. There’re 4 predefined events: registration, abandoned cart, purchase, custom event. For each event you can add, edit and delete variables.

Then, go to creating a flow. Enter its name, choose the mailing list and an email sender, select date and time for sending, enable retrieving statistics.

After that, you can choose the necessary block at the left and edit its design at the right.

Combine 3 communication channels within one automation flow, by sending email, web push notification, and SMS. To send email, you need to set the time, create a subject line and select an email template. To send push notification, add your website. You can read the guide on how to add push notifications to website. To send SMS, you should have your customers’ phone numbers.

How to combine channels within one flow?

Send email with your top-rated goods or most engaging articles. Send web push notification with new arrivals, items back in stock, or the last article published on your blog. Send SMS to notify of a time-limited offer, sales, discount, or to inform about shipping status. This approach helps discover most profitable channels for your business.

So, let’s come back to email marketing automation.

Filter allows to target only specific segments, send different offers to men and women or people from different countries. It depends on type of your business.

Condition determines the next step in the flow for every user basing on his previous action. For example, if you’ve sent a reactivation campaign to passive subscribers and they opened the email – redirect them to a specific URL with a special discount, if they haven’t opened – remove them from your mailing list.

Use Action block to manage contacts. You can move subscribers to another mailing list, copy or delete them, change variables for contacts. It’s useful when your leads turn into loyal customers, when subscribers don’t interact with your brand, etc.

Goal allows to keep track of the accomplishment of your goals. After your goal is reached, you can stop the automation flow.

Count conversions for every email, web push notification and SMS sent to find out what can be improved and optimized.

You can add up to 50 blocks in one automation flow.

Automation 360 is available on any paid pricing plan, but you can try to create a flow for free to discover the features. If you have any difficulties, contact SendPulse tech support team via email, live chat or phone, they will help you in no time.

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