5 Best iPhone and iPad Apps for High School Goers

Updated October 6, 2023

Mathematic is like love, a simple idea that can get complicated”.

And yet, can you think of a modern life without it. Over the years, mathematics has dominated the world of science, innovation and technology in the most surreptitious manner possible. Thousands of gadgets, technologies and other innovations that are built on simple mathematical strategies and applications are now in turn helping solve complicated mathematical calculations.


In this article, let us see how mathematics peeps into our mobile phones through the following applications. On the first look, you may feel that some of these applications are just additional facilities that can be added to our mobile phones. On the contrary, a student enrolled in math classes, or a profession that calls for a lot of calculations or a simple use of arithmetic or calculus might tell you how much these applications are worth having.

Here are a few such apps for your iOS device-


Apollonius is an application that can serve a Geometry student well. Here, geometric constructions could be designed as if you are using a straight edge and compass. Some features like placement of points to adjustment of shapes and sizes or the ability to visually test angles and distances in order to determine how the changes can affect your design and constructions, adjustments (trial and error moves) can all be done with ease and in no time. The application shows no lagging behind, no matter how complicated your exercises are. It costs about $3.99 in the Apple’s store.


WolframAlpha is much more than just a mathematical app. The computational and mathematical functions of this application are simply phenomenal. Whether it is solving a complicated integral, a cubic equation or just looking up to Fermat’s little theorem or the Riemann Hypothesis or even knowing the steps to calculate real and complex solutions and solving them yourself, the application has it all for you. And so this is an application that can help you solve your basic mathematics, statistics, physics and other topics. Naturally, it is an excellent tool to have in your pocket. This app is available in the Apple’s store for £1.49.

Math Ref

Math Ref is one of the best free mathematical reference applications. With over 1400 useful formulas, tips and examples of concepts and equations, the application includes a number of illustrative examples and solutions. With lack of fancy UI, the application offers a clear and searchable solution and runs smoothly on your device. This application is a complement to a student’s pocket.


Calcbot is a wonderful calculator that can replace the native iPhone calculator with some great additional features. Here, some of the most advanced scientific calculations are accessible by just a swipe and all your work gets recorded for future reference. The animation and sounds are a delight with the application. You may buy the app in the Apple stores for $1.99.


The iMathematics is yet another reference application offering over 700 formulas with 8 solvers and calculators dealing with 120 topics. This application can be used with your iPad as well as your Android phones. It is available for free for iPad users.

Mathematics in general, influences and controls our living in such ways that, for most people and in most cases, are not recognized. As Albert Einstein points out

“Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater”

Some of the applications detailed above can actually play a great part in learning and also enhancing your interest thereby keeping yourself equipped to face the challenges set in the world of mathematics.

Author Bio- This post was written by Sanjay Bojan, who is an analyst at Broadband Suppliers. He spends most of his time to compare broadband speeds, coverage and other factors of different ISP’s in UK.


  • azhar@hubhit

    nice gadgets dude i will be buying one these with in few days

  • Saqib Imran

    I like them they are great for kids, also if required any more custom applications for kids or anything else check us out we have variety…..!!!

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