7 Ways Click Funnels Will Increase Your Sales

Updated October 6, 2023

Mobile to Increase Sales

Online marketers don’t have the luxury that many brick-and-mortar retailers have when it comes to making sales. A food joint owner is always certain that he or she will sell food because people have to eat to survive. And a fashion store can rely on holiday sales as the inventory changes in the course of the season.

What about an online marketer? After a product is launched, you need to find ways to lead people to the product instead of just waiting for them to come.

But how do you do this effectively? Well, you need a reliable tool for building effective and high–converting sales funnel online—and if you’ve been in the online marketing sphere for some time, you probably know that the best option is ClickFunnels.

So, how can ClickFunnels help you increase your sales? Let’s find out.

1. Has wonderful opt-in-lead forms to help you build your email list

ClickFunnels has great squeeze pages that you can use to build and grow your email list of potential clients and subscribers. One unique feature of ClickFunnels’ squeeze pages is its simplicity—it has just 2 stages: the squeeze page and the thank you page. Like other lead pages, the squeeze page has an opt-in lead form where you can request for email addresses of the users and in return offer a valuable (as a lead magnet). On the second page, you’ll give the user the valuable you promised in return for their email IDs.

2. Help you build optimized pages for upselling

Upsells not only increase customer satisfaction but also boost your sales. When creating landing pages with ClickFunnels, there is an option to add upsell pages for your products. You’ll find such options in the form of download buttons that you can link to your upsell pages. You can also link products of high value to the upsell buttons.

3. Great webinar script to help you build a webinar and drive high ticket sales

Building a webinar is one of the best ways of driving high ticket sales. In fact, webinar funnel is believed to be the most transformative funnel that a business can launch. ClickFunnels allows you to host and build auto webinar funnels by integrating your webinar tool of choice (like GoToMeeting or Zoom) with the ClickFunnels platform.

4. Capability to automate and scale your sales process

Without a sales funnel, scaling your sales can be quite daunting. Think about the free strategy calls that you may need to give your potential coaching clients, for instance. If you use ClickFunnels, you can streamline the buying process of your clients as well as lead multiple clients to a sale simultaneously. An automated webinar funnel, for instance, can run a presentation 24/7 to anyone around the globe without the need for you to give live presentations in real-time.

5. High-ticket coaching funnel

Another ClickFunnels feature that you can use to increase your sales in the high-ticket coaching funnel that goes all the way from application to phone call and finally to close. The funnel allows you to eliminate prospects that are not serious and to close a deal on the phone call.

The only thing you should remember is that this funnel works well if you already had results with a few clients. If you haven’t, you may need to offer some freebies untill you get results for your audience. Then you can collect a few testimonials and use them as part of the pitch for your coaching funnel.

6. It boosts your average Order value

Your average order value is the average amount of money that your clients spend when buying your products or services in a single order. The more items they buy, the more revenue you make. In a typical shopping cart, you can only hope that your clients check out more items simultaneously. However, with sales funnels, you can offer them more items in a logical sequence, which boosts your overall sales and your average order value.

7. Split Testing Capability

ClickFunnels allows you to split test your squeeze pages, offers, sales funnels and more. It is not possible to split test anything on a regular website. With ClickFunnels, however, you can set up multiple versions of your headline, offers, landing pages, etc and send traffic to all of them simultaneously to figure out what will do better.


ClickFunnels is a handy platform if you are looking to boost your business’ sales. While its entry price may seem steep for a startup, it will pay off once your marketing strategy matures.  To get the most out of the tool, however, take your time to choose the right sales funnels as well as templates based on the nature of your business and target audience.

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