7 Important Factors to Consider While Commenting on a Blog

Updated October 6, 2023

Backlink building is a very important part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Different people use different methods to make backlinks to their website/blog. Few of the common methods are commenting on other niche sites, guest posting with backlinks, article directory submission, forum posting and etc. Depending on the amount and the quality of backlinks, search engines decide the position of the webpage on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). But this is not the sole factor which determines the position on SERP. There are more factors will be considered.

Since commenting on other blogs is a commonly using strategy, it is better to focus bit more about it. Most bloggers and website owners are commenting on blogs. But more than a half are considered as spam comments. This can be mainly due to two reasons. One is the poor knowledge of language including poor knowledge on how to make an effective comment. The other reason can be the intentional spamming idea. This will happen when webmasters using some automated programs to make comments. Whatever the reason, it is better to know the vital factors to be considered before making a good comment.

1# Comment on blogs related to your niche

If your purpose is to build links to your website, it is better to comment on similar niche sites as yours. This will helps you to make high quality backlinks for your blog.

2# Check the Google Page Rank of the blog

I am not considering this is as a very crucial point. That is because the Google Page Rank will change with each update. But it is better to check Google Page Rank before you comment on a post.

3# Read the article/ Post carefully before you comment

I have seen most of the comments are irrelevant or only related to the title of the article. This will happen because of you are not reading the article before you comment or just reading the title of the article only. Sometimes I get more than 20 comments on a particular post on my blog, but almost all of them are spams. Most of them are only focused the title of the post. Some automated comment submitters also do the same thing. We as webmasters never accept that kind of comments. It is just a wasting of your valuable time.

4# Write a comment relevant to the content of the article

If you read the article content, this is not a big deal for you. Once you read the article you will get some feelings. Sometimes it may be an appreciation; sometimes it may be a problem or query. Write your feeling as a comment. If it is a problem just write it as the comment. Those comments will never be rejected. Instead it will start a discussion. Be active and reply to the comments made by others. Then they will get to you and your blog.

5# Check your comment again before publish it

I know most of the people never do this. But this is very important. I have seen some comments start with something and ended up with totally different to the starting point. So recheck whether your comment is meaning full or meaningless. Never post meaningless comments.

6# Always add some lengthy comments

Almost all the webmasters likes to get some long comments rather than getting short comments. So make your comment at least 20-30 words.

7# Never use phrases as follows

I have seen most people are making comment like this

  • Great post
  • Nice post
  • Nice info
  • This article is awesome
  • Keep it up, make sure to update your blog
  • Your blog design is awesome, where did you got theme

Never write such kind of comments. These will surely end up in spam folder. We will never publish this kind of comments.

Those are the major factors you should looked in before you post your comment on a blog. I know it takes time, but remember it gives you some high quality backlink. One high quality backlink is better than hundred low quality backlinks.

Different people have different opinions on same topic. We are respecting their opinions and further we would like to hear their opinions to have a discussion. So feel free to express your opinion as a comment below, in order to have a useful discussion.

Authors Bio:- This article is a contribution of Sajith Dissanayake, the admin and an independent blogger who is blogging on blogging tips, SEO tips, AdSense tips and Web traffic building at Techblaster.NET. Once he wrote a very important article on Importance of Anchor Text in SEO


  • Saif A. Ratul

    Wah! Where are you from? Your name seems like a Muslim name. 🙂

    Well brother, I’ve read several posts in your blog and now got a question about this one:

    Which is a better strategy to build links? Blog Comments or Forum Comments? I’ve heard that these two are the most effective ones.

    Also, is it true that a pr2 forum comment will work more than several pr 6 directory submissions?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    Allah Hafiz

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Saif@ Forums links are effective as compare to directory links.

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