Blog Commenting Tips – How to Get More Traffic to your Site

Updated October 6, 2023

Do you have a website that you use to make money?

Are you trying to find a way to get more people to come to your blog?

Blog comments are the best way to get people to come to your website, and more people mean more traffic, which translates into more money for you! If you are looking to generate a good traffic while your site is still not ready for ranking well in SEO, here are some great ways to get traffic to your site by commenting.

Quality Comments

The worst kind of comment that a person can post are the boring kind of comments that just saying something generic like, “that was a nice post.” You want to make sure the comments will add quality to the post and encourage more people to contribute.

Have an Avatar

People who do not have an Avatar on their posts tend to arouse suspicion. Default Avatars or people who just have a blank one usually are spammers, and people without an avatar will also get the attention of the administrator and could end up being banned from posting. You don’t even have to have a fancy Avatar, just a simple picture will do or a picture of something you like will make a good Avatar.

Stay on Topic

Please remember that comments are supposed to relate to the article you had just read. So, read carefully before you respond just to make sure your comment is relevant to whatever topic is being discussed.


It is very important that you interact and engage with other people on the blog. You should reply to posts and when you do be sure you use the person’s name. Communication with your fellow bloggers will build relationships, and this will help increase the number of people that come to the blog.

Always have respect

No matter what the discussion is, you have to be respectful of what other people have to say. Treat people the way you want to be treated.Refrain from the use of abusive and demeaning language when commenting on forum posts. The last thing you want is to have people start personally attacking one another and then your blog turns into a huge warzone that no one will visit.

Do not kiss butt

Just be yourself and even if people have different opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and they also have the right to express them no matter what the circumstances. Even if you do agree with one person’s opinion, there is no need to be overly complimentary to anyone, and it will leave a bad impression if you do. Also, kissing someone’s butt will also make the other bloggers on your website feel left out and bad. Do you really want to make people feel bad?

There are many ways to have blogging commenting success. As long as you do it right, you can have a lot of traffic coming to your blog.

Author Bio:- Alan Tay is blogger who runs Blogging Fever, a blog that features about blogging tips such as writing tips, blog commenting, and some basic SEO. Apart from that, he also send weekly newsletter on common blogging mistake.


  • Avinash Kabra

    I think the best and most effective way to drive traffic to website are unique content writing and high PR backlink building.

  • Amit Redkar

    Hey Bilal, thanks for the valuable tips. Reading your replies to the comments was also very helpful.

  • Thanks for the tips for blog commenting. Blog commenting is the best thing which can give instant backlink.

  • Good article and hope this will helping me too. Thanks 🙂

  • All tips is very use full. thanks for sharing. which is best comments system?

  • hi Bilal your comments are really helpful to people like us who are on intermediate level please give some hint to attract bloggers

  • how to find relevant blogs in my niche to comment on

  • i read in other blog that never comment to a blog with “no follow” codes, if i do, how will affect my blog?

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Reyn@ If your aim is to increase the number of backlinks then you need to get comments from blogs with dofollow tags. A comment is not going to harm your blog but can actually send you traffic.

      Comment on nofollow blog = traffic
      Comment on dofollow blog = traffic + backlink

  • Subham Sibasish

    Hey Bilal, amazing post bro 🙂 Your tips are very practical and helpful for bloggers with small blogs also.. 🙂 Can u just help me adding adsense to my blogger blog ? I think i have followed all the guidelines but still they are disapproving my adsense request again and again. My blog is a new one and doesn’t have many posts but still i want to add adsense to it .. can u please help ??

  • Saif A. Ratul

    Great post Bilal Vai. Just found the blog’s URL in a file sent by a friend. He collected that info from your blog.

    I just thought about visiting the blog if I can find some good information as well. After coming here, I am finding that this blog is full of useful contents and you are really collecting very good information for readers. I can spend months reading your blog posts. They are very interesting.

    Well, I have a question:
    I’m a blogger as well. I don’t mind if people post a good comment on my post and put their website’s URL for link building purpose. However, I hate those who just fill comments like “Good post” or “Informative post”. Mine is a website of joke and one posted the following comment on a joke “Really helpful post. Keep us updated with similar posts”!!! LoL

    Now, my question is, which wordpress plug in is the best to remove spam comments automatically? I’ve tried a few, but they don’t work well.

    Please, answer me and it would really help me to run my website perfectly.

    Allah Hafiz. 🙂

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Saif@ Thank you for your kind words.
      You can use WordPress Akismet to stop spam comments on your blog.

  • @Bilal..

    Thanks for sharing such blog commenting tips!!. I have some doubt, like using URL in Commenting text box is Good or Bad..

    Or Otherwise, using websites text box is better?? ha..
    Reply Please!!!

    Thank you!!

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Karthik@ Don’t use links in the “Commenting Box” otherwise you comment will be marked “Spam” and then you will not be able to comment in other blogs. Use the links on in the “Website URL” box.

  • Hey Bilal, I had one doubt about commenting on other site. my question is:
    Is it good to comment on different post of same blog or comment on different blog. Plz do reply, as I have no avatar right now but I will make it soon. So, don’t think I am a spammer

    • Alan Tay

      From the blog owner point of view, I will welcome every piece of good comments even on multiple post. However, if you are just dropping a normal quality or even worse, a low quality one, then it is better not to comment too much. This is because it is not the Akismet or other Spam software that marked you as Spam, probably the site owner has the same thinking as well.

      Hope this helps.

      • Bilal Ahmad

        Alan@ Yes exactly that was my point. Thanks for the clarification.

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Nilesh@ Just found your comment in Spam. I marked it as Unspam. Well yes some time your comment is marked as spam if you post so many comments in a blog.

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