5 Websites to Spice up your Facebook Cover Photos

Updated October 6, 2023

These days we pay more attention towards our Facebook profile appearance than our own appearance. Most of the time we click pictures so that we can make it a Facebook profile picture or cover photo. For me, adding a cover photo to Facebook is kind of hectic because of the uncommon size that is 851px x 315px and thus I have to edit my pictures to use as Facebook cover and if it doesn’t fit properly it looks totally awful.

No matter its kind of time-consuming job to choose Facebook cover and then edit it but then also I find it very useful as its fun to share feelings with cover photo or I can use it as an effective tool for promoting my websites or business. It’s just I need to use it right way and that why I keep check on few websites which provides awesome Facebook covers and that too free. You must give these website a try to have fun with your Facebook cover.

Here are 5 websites which will help you to create attractive Facebook cover pictures:

1# FaceCoverz


Lets start with something quick and easy, it’s FaceCoverz. FaceCoverz gives you a wide range of Facebook covers to choose from and its easy to choose from different categories like abstract, modern, movies, music, pets and lots more. So whatever your mood is, FaceCoverz have cover pictures according to it. No editing, just select one and FaceCoverz will add that picture to your album and you can set it as your Facebook cover. Isn’t it easy?

2# CoverCanvas


If you don’t like to have pictures without personal touch on your Facebook profile, then CoverCanvas is for you. CoverCanvas have ready templates as well as it can create an amazing Facebook cover by using your Facebook photos. But it chooses random photos of you, which many of us don’t like. You don’t have to register on CoverCanvas to create Facebook cover, you just need to allow it to connect to your Facebook account.

3# Coverjunction


I like Coverjunction. Its fun and creative to create Facebook covers on Coverjunction and of course it picture is totally attractive. You can choose from wide range of categories or you create your own by uploading picture, changing background colors, repositioning it and creating an awesome Facebook picture to show off.

4# Pic Scatter


Pic Scatter creates Facebook Cover by using your photo albums and make a collage with it. It is available for free as well as paid. By paying you can give your collage different effects like pink, vintage, glow etc. and upload photos from your Fan Page also. The price for premium account is $1.5 to $2. You also get a watermark with free version which I won’t prefer on my Facebook cover but part from the watermark, its worth giving a try.

5# FaceItPages


Ok! You can have lots of fun with above websites to create Facebook covers now lets talk about your business. Faceitpages helps you to grow your business by allowing to create an attractive coverage for your business that too very easily by using templates and you can also promote and track report of your Facebook page. You can also add feeds from YouTube, Twitter or your blog if you choose a paid registration of Faceitpages. If you have a business Facebook page, Faceitpage is worth giving a shot.

You must give a try to above website and share your thoughts with Facebook cover in a new and creative way. Do share with us how you love to play with your Facebook cover pictures?

Author Bio:- Whiztechy writes at Shoutmeloud about blogging and Technology. You can follow her on Twitter @Whiztechy


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