5 Ways Technology Has Helped Us Breathe From Stress

Updated October 6, 2023

Technology Reduces Stress

Yes, there might be some truth to the common assumptions that technology has managed to bring some stress into our lives. But when we examine it from a professional and social life point of view, then most individuals will agree that there is more good to it than harm. In fact, due to the demanding nature of our daily lives, frustrations are inevitable, but we can use the innovations to ease it from anywhere we want and at any time. But how?

Here are the top 5 ways technology has helped us breathe from stress.

1: Use Of Social Media

There is no denying that social media have slowly but surely become part of our daily life. Yes, there are some negative impacts of its regular use, but we aren’t focusing on that today. If you have a presence in various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., then you must have realized how easy it has become to connect with family, friends and even total strangers. When you stay connected with those you love, you get the opportunity to share experiences, frustrations and vent out whenever necessary. And this is one of the best ways to better your mental and emotional health.

Individuals can now join family-related groups /pages and other local community and emotional support groups, find people with a common interest and get first-hand help whenever necessary. It’s easier to feel loved and develop a sense of belonging thus making stressful situations manageable.

2: Technology For Anxiety Management

If you have ever experienced anxiety, then you must be aware of how stressful it can become. But while it can be challenging, the innovation of technology provides many ways of managing and understanding it. Nowadays, the internet is filled with various Apps that you can use to monitor your anxiety levels and behavior during that time as well as help in connecting you with an online community to share your experience; that too, anonymously. When you receive the support you need, your body will automatically get rid of the feeling of isolation, making you comfortable with those with a common understanding.

3: Technology In Lifestyle

Even if you might not notice it or don’t want to recognize it, there are various ways in which technology helps you get rid of stress in your home. With the innovation of home smart tools and appliances, you now don’t have to strain to make your life comfortable and secure. You can, for instance, install security cameras, have smart washers or even get your favorite cup of coffee ready in seconds with your smart maker. This article on Best Espresso Machine of 2018 – Review, Comparisons, Tests (By Homegrounds.co), gives an insightful view of various makers for homes. It’s always good to know how to select one that suits your needs to get value for your money. And you can only achieve that by going through various available options.

4: Online Fitness And Meditation

Being physically fit means that you also attain some level of mental wellness. This is because it helps get rid of toxins and relaxes the body. And it’s for this very reason that exercises make a very important part of life. Nowadays, thanks to the availability of the internet, people don’t have to visit a physical gym or purchase expensive exercising equipment to stay fit. One can enroll themselves in various free and paid fitness classes for as low as $10.

You can also take advantage of your favorite celebrity trainers’ online email subscription offers, to receive your daily workout tips and notifications. You can also choose to enroll yourself for online Yoga classes for meditation or make use of various advanced meditation products such as the ones from Muse headspace on your smartphone. The feeling of being healthy and active is known to significantly reduce the effects of stress, help you relax and boost mental wellness.

5: Play Online

While there are some video games that can actually add up to your stress, some online ones (little wheels, pigments, etc,) can help you reduce it. This is especially so with the ones that help you create a beautiful, relaxing digital world with the help of various colors and graphics. Some even offer you a coloring option. And as we all know, colors are good for relaxing.

There you go! And as you can see technology is not only good for getting our work done, but also in relieving all sorts of stress from our lives. From smart home technologies, online games, online meditation to social media use, there is so much you can gain from various innovations. So always be on the lookout and enjoy life!

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