5 Simple Tips for Reading Kindle Books on Your Android

Updated October 6, 2023

Reading books is a hobby that dates back many years ago. The only difference is the means used to achieve satisfaction from reading. Paper-based books designed in hardbound and softbound covers were popular since time immemorial.

Recent times, however, dictate how technology provides convenience in daily living. Because books tend to be heavy and bulky, they are quite a nuisance to carry. Thankfully, electronic gadgets have helped solve this issue through the birth of the e-book. It is a book in every sense, except that the plot is not inked on paper. It is saved in a digital format, which can only be read by specialized gadgets, such as the Amazon Kindle and Android tablets.

There are various digital formats available, and not all of them are compatible with most devices. Because Amazon is the forerunner of easy e-book reading through its Kindle breakthrough, many readers now own e-books in Kindle format. On Android tablets, however, you might not be able to read your favorite stories. Fortunately, there are some tweaks that you can do to make it possible. Here are 5 simple tips for reading Kindle books on your Android device:

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Install Kindle for Android

Although the user interface is not as fascinating as expected, Kindle for Android is a great application to read e-books on your Android device. This has a built-in dictionary and some images to make your reading experience more worthwhile.

Make it a point to update your software and application

The good thing about owning an Android-powered device is that you get to update it whenever possible. Android applications are also constantly fixed and improved by developers. In this case, even the Kindle for Android application is always updated to make sure that you get only the best reading experience yet. Always keep posted on anything new so that you can experience all the new things to their maximum advantage.

Optimize the screen of your Android device

Reading e-books in small windows or screens is a visual pain, one which you would not like to feel. Make it a point to read e-books in full screen so that your eyes can function properly. If possible, you may also adjust the settings of your gadget according to how big or small the texts look like. The Amazon Kindle is built exclusively for e-book reading, so the screen may not reflect light too much. Android-powered devices, on the other hand, may harbor this problem. Fortunately, there are many glare-proof screen stickers that you can purchase to make reading easier.

Read e-books straight from your browser

If you do not wish to download or purchase e-books, reading a story fresh from your Web browser might just do the trick. Although your choices are limited, the convenience is a great advantage. Reading e-books from your browser is generally recommended if you are on a tight budget, or if you want to compare your options. After all, many online stores sell affordable Kindle books in all sorts of genres.

Make use of the features in your Android device

Because Android-powered gadgets are much better than Amazon Kindles, you can only do so much with them. You can install applications that save battery usage to provide more ample time for reading e-books. You can also bookmark online websites that publish and sell your favorite e-books. Because most Android devices are Wi-Fi ready, you can access a lot of resources while reading.

Just follow these 5 simple tips, and you will be fascinated even more on what your Android gadget can provide. The most important thing, however, is that you keep posted of news and updates regarding your Android device.

Author:- Danny loves writing about Android Tablets at his blog and loves playing with his refurbished samsung galaxy tablet and checking his twitter and email.


  • Kindle covers

    I have been into reading since I was in school. Kindle now has helped me to access books and text files easily.

    Amazon rocks 🙂



  • Swamykant

    Simple and easy to use tips. Thanks for share.

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