5 Netbooks Worth Trying

Updated October 6, 2023

Are you planning to get your next netbook or your first netbook? If you nod your head to say yes, then do read this before you decide which one to buy! What I suggest is to try one of these netbooks and check whether the price is worth the money spent!

Asus Eee PC 1018PB

This is a slim and sleekly designed netbook brushed with metal design that has a touch keypad worth which is good amongst all other netbooks comparatively, with some annoying key board concessions. Overall, the Asus laptop reboots the Eee PC series with this aesthetic Net book that is worth a try to meet your basic demands and not a high-level multimedia accessibility. Some of the specs of this net book will include a 1.66 GHz Intel Atom processor N450 that is backed by 1GB that runs on 5,400 rpm, with an integrated graphic support using Intel GMA 3150, and all these specs blends well on with the new Windows 7 Starter. The dimensions of this netbook are 10.3 × 7.1 inches with 10.1” screen and weighs not more than 3 pounds.

Samsung NF310 A01

If there is something good about this netbook, then that must be because of Samsung and there is no wonder that you will be getting from them the best design, features and affordability. This laptop is a dual core Atom processor, 10” net book that has a sleek and curved design with a comparatively large keyboard and HD compatible screen but lacks a HDMI output port with accessibility to Bluetooth, which is a real good option to connect with a number of peripherals with no wires. The whole lot is built within the WD of 10.8 × 7.4 inches and a screen size of 10.1”. You can find this netbook for a better discount in the markets.

HP Mini 210-1199DX

This is one of the best keyboard and touch pad combination, which is a real deal on a netbook that has a 10” screen, which is highly impressive for the sleek design. This comes with real variations, if you did pull out some more bugs, then you could get a number of variations like a pink-hue Mini 210 and other component upgrades. Amongst the netbooks this is a little too expensive that, you might doubt your investment worth the same coming with more features with some other bands.

Toshiba Mini NB305-N410

Well, this is world wherein the economic recession and the standard of living not improving at the rate of cost of living that you will find yourself looking for a cheap and a unique laptop that can stand out from others, then you are right and have got the correct one, which is Toshiba Mini NB305-N410. The netbook is a very good deal for the money spent and the runs on a next generation Atom processor, with an incredible battery life, sleep and charge USB port.

Sylvania Netbook

Are you looking out for something unbelievable? Then you have here the right choice to practice your computing skills on a netbook for only $99. What is good about sylvania netbook other than the cost is that this weighs only two pounds that you can fit this into your medium sized handbag and this is backed with 128 MB of internal memory and Windows CE operating system. This netbook will work like a smartphone by incorporating Facebook and YouTube features. Definitely worth a try!!

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