5 How to Steps of Photo Recovery from Kingston Memory Card

Updated October 6, 2023

Have you lost your precious photos due to corruption in your Kingston SD card? And now unable to deal with this tragic photo loss situation! If yes, then no need to worry anymore as photo recovery software has made it easy to recover lost photos. Any well known branded photo recovery software can recover your lost photos in a short span of time without modifying the original content and supports recovery from almost all kinds of memory cards such as SD card, SDHC card, MMC card, etc.

The common error messages which you encounter in case of Kingston SD card corruption are:

  • Memory card error
  • Memory card full
  • Memory card not recognized
  • Read/Write error
  • Memory card needs formatting

Consequently, you become unable to access even a single photo from your Kingston SD card.

Though your Kingston SD card is corrupt but there still are photos stored in it and thus to get those photos back, you need this recovery software to recover photos from sd card. This software uses intense scanning mechanism to scan each and every bit of your Kingston SD card and very safely gets back your photos intact. This efficient photo recovery software has simple graphical user interface and simple recovery steps:

sd memory card recovery

  1. Insert your Kingston SD memory card into the card reader of your computer.
  2. Start memory card recovery software(Stellar Phoenix is the best) and click ‘Start Scan’ button or ‘Start Scan’ icon provided under ‘Data Recovery’ tab.
  3. Select your Kingston SD card from which you want to perform recovery and click ‘Start Scan’. The scanning process starts as soon as you select your Kingston SD card. The software provides the preview of the recoverable photos during the scanning of your card.
  4.  After the scanning, all the files will be listed in a tree structure according to their file types. You can select all the files or some specific files for their recovery. After selecting the file/s click ‘Recover’ button provided at the bottom of the interface.
  5. Now, give the location where the recovered photo files will be saved and click OK.

Go and checkout the specified location for recovered photos. However, the above procedure will work only when your storage media i.e. Kingston SD card is recognized by your computer, if not then format your Kingston SD card into your camera and then perform the above recovery steps of memory card recovery software to recover formatted photos.

However, for your information, let me tell you some more facts about Kingston SD card corruption. It must be pretty much clear to you till now that corruption in Kingston SD card can erupt anytime anywhere without giving any prior indication. But, if you follow certain precaution then there would be less chances of its corruption. Let’s have a look to the prime precautions:

  • Never turn off your digital camera before a photo is completely written over the memory card.
  • Never remove the memory card from the camera soon after clicking a photograph.
  • Never pull out the memory card out of the camera without switching the camera off.
  • Never remove the memory card from memory card reader while its contents are open to the computer.
  • Never ignore warnings such as ‘Low Battery’ indication and ‘Memory Card Full’ of your digital camera.
  • Never format your memory card in your computer instead of your camera.

Author Bio:- Oliver is a software expert and data recovery specialist with specialized writing skills. He writes more than 100 article on best data recovery software in the industry to help user to overcome from various weired situations. In this article, he explains the best method to use software for recovery of memory card & photo recovery in easy steps.

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