5 Features of Effective Flyers

Updated October 6, 2023

Businesses use many methods of promotion, including business card printing and distribution, flyers and posters. Printing services for flyers can be very inexpensive – but the flyers must be designed professionally for them to be effective.

Some characteristics of effective flyers are:

  • Simple design and language
  • Good use of white space
  • Appropriate printing
  • Inclusion of relevant details
  • Correct spelling and grammar

1# A Simply Designed Flyer is More Effective

A flyer can be distributed on street corners and shop counters. It is a product with limited space that holds a brief advertising message. Due to these limitations, the message must be concise and relevant. A flyer is designed to be scanned quickly by the customer.

The layout of the flyer should be simple.  The ‘z’ pattern is the most common design. This refers to the way a person reads a page, starting from the top left hand corner and finishing at the bottom right. The most important information should therefore be at the beginning of the flyer, towards the top left-hand side.

Simple language is also necessary because a flyer only contains a small amount of information. Make sure the language on the flyer is directly related to the product or service being advertised.

2# Use of White Space is Important

White space between the areas of text is important on a flyer. As there is limited room on the flyer, it is vital that the design draws the reader’s eyes towards the most relevant information. The efficient use of white space will do this.

A flyer with too much text is difficult to read, but a flyer with effective use of white space will convey a simple, easily read message with impact.

3# Use of an Appropriate Font

As with business card printing, clarity and legibility is important for flyers. Use serif fonts, because they make reading easier. Sans serif font distracts the reader from the message. This is a disadvantage for a flyer.

The size of font is also important. Bigger and bolder fonts attract more attention. Smaller fonts have less impact. Important information should be printed in bigger and bolder fonts.

4# Include Relevant Details

Including name and contact details is a must for a business flyer. There is no point distributing a well-made flyer if the customer cannot contact the business.  The key details of email address, phone number and physical address should always be included.

5# Correct Spelling and Grammar

A flyer should have an immediate and positive impact on a consumer. A flyer that has spelling errors or bad grammar will be ineffective. The mistakes will confuse the message of the flyer and will also convey an impression of unprofessionalism. These are not associations that a business wants or needs.

A good flyer depends on professional flyer printing and effective design. Knowledge of simple design concepts and their effect on consumers will ensure a productive flyer.

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