5 Best In-Text Advertising Networks

Updated October 6, 2023

Most of the bloggers make money using adsense or through any private high CPC/CPM ad networks or via selling ad slots in the sites. There is also another way to make a decent amount from the site. These days you could have noticed links popping out a small ad window when the mouse is rolled over in some sites. This is called as contextual advertising or In-Text advertising and this was the method which I mentioned earlier. In-Text Ads will be displayed based on the keywords preferred by the Advertiser.

It is not a tough job to get register in the networks offering it and it is free as well. Sounds interesting? If you have a site with decent traffic then you can make $3-4/day as an average earning. These earnings may vary depending on the niche as well. If you do not have an adsense account then a private ad publishing network and In-Text Advertising can fetch you good money. Register in the best 5 In-text advertising sites and get started!!

Here is the list of 5 best contextual advertising networks that I know,



I think this is the best contextual advertising network I have ever used. Infolinks is the best in payment and also support as well. All that you need to do is to get register and put the code in the Footer or Header file of your site. Infolinks will start showing ads immediately. However an approval of account is needed before getting the code.

In my experience infolinks works well with Tech niche than other niches. Minimum threshold amount for payment is $50 and they pay through PayPal, bank wire transfer or ACH.



This is the second best In-text advertising network I know. Kontera works similar like Infolinks but you have an option of Plug-in here. If you use a wordpress site then Kontera plug-in can make your job pretty easy. You can set the color of the link via the plug-in admin panel and lots of other customization options are available as well.

In my experience Kontera work well with Health niche than other niches. Minimum threshold amount for payment is $50 and they pay through PayPal.



I would rank this as the third best contextual advertising network in my list. You could have seen a big In-Text advertising window in some sites, which are from Affinity. This is worth a try not only for publishers but also for Advertisers as well. Affinity is growing big these days.

In my experience Kontera work well with news sites where big ads can really attract readers. There is no minimum threshold limit and they pay through PayPal and cheque.



This is 4th in my list. Clicksor is a well known advertising network having all kind of Ad displays. The main point about Clicksor is that they share more than 60% advertising share with the publishers.

I have not tried Clicksor personally but heard it is worth a try. Minimum threshold amount for payment is $50 and they pay through PayPal and cheque.


Last but not the least is the builtinText. It is easy to get started with this network and integration of ads can be done in few simple steps. The best part is that their minimum payment amount.

Not sure about the advertising network as I have not tried it personally. Minimum threshold amount for payment is $25 and they pay through PayPal, Wire Transfer and cheque.

Hope this helps you all!!

Share your comments!!

Feel free to suggest your best In-Text Advertising network in the comments section below.


  • Yasar Ali

    Thank you so much for sharing these awesome ad networks.

  • Pranjal Borah

    Infolinks is best for me.

  • i think you got it all wrong!! mainly about Clicksor, they pay a measely 0.6% lmao instead of the so-said 60% share with the publishers !!!! believe me i’ve been using their ads on many websites for a long time and still not hitting the 50$ threshold!
    their ads are slow, count only US traffic, drive off my valued visitors and sometimes you get viruses and spyware on your site and infect your user, so they generally SUCK! this is experience talk and not what they say on their website or what their reps say on some forum!

    word of advice: STAY AWAY FROM CLICKSOR!

    ps: among the other in-text ads mentioned, i’ve noticed that Infolinks is the best (well at least for my niche- teck reviews)!

  • What kind of a company is vibrant media? I have applied for a website two times over 3 month period and no reply of rejection or acceptance.

  • Muhammad

    i just joined MadAdsMedia that that paid less i want a contextual ad network that pays me more
    as my adsense account is disabled

    • Pranjal b

      Adversal is a good choice. You may try it. There is a review in my blog. For any help you may ask me.

  • Subhashini

    I just joined Infolinks, I want to know same time we can invite multiple text advertisers.


    • Bilal Ahmad

      Subhashini@ Yes you can but it will not increase your revenue because all your text will compete for 2 advertisers. A rational decision is to join only 1 at a time and reach to the minimum payout.

  • funwidmasti

    Nice list..thnx for the sharing.!!!
    all of them pay very good and they are not less then adsense prog..!

  • so far i’m a member of adbrite & infolinks & am happy with them,i just registerd with Affinity & BuiltinText..Lets hope for the best.


  • traffic ticket

    I have personally used Kontera and Infolinks on a site that gets fairly good traffic (about 1k uniques per day). As my site is a forum it grows in taffic over time and provides about 3000 impressions per day average.

    The problem with Infolinks is that as they start you off paying well, however in time they will drastically cut you down to size after a few months. You can find alot more reviews on the net about InfoLinks about how the ad rates start off well for publishers then drops down to about 1 cent per click, 2 cents if your lucky!

    Kontera on the other hand was more helpful with complaints and did manage to take my advice and gave me more help in optimizing. I think Kontera is more honest and will start you off at a rate of about 3 cents avg which doesnt change much over time but will grow.

    Info links on the other hand is opposite. They start you off at like 5 cents or even 10 cents per click but then a few months later your earnings are guaranteed to drop.

    IMO try both but stick to the company that pays you well.

    For a site that gains traffic each month it doesnt make sense to make less! With Infolinks it seems the more traffic and clicks you give them the less they will pay you.

    What you Don’t want to try is Vibrant Media. They don’t answer any emails and only want high traffic websites. Probably around the 100k visits per month type of sites. However, as Vibrant Media pays probably more than Infolinks and Kontera, their Customer Service is REALLY BAD!

  • kiran pamanji

    Which is the best for Indian traffic

  • very nice sharing.

  • mediadoc

    Vibrant intext traffic for gambling didnt deliver.

    my advice is that for the gambling vertical try not to use right media channels.

  • Jonathanc@ Thanks for appreciating the Post. $50 incentive for new publisher is great. 70% Revenue Sharing is also very good.

  • Jonathan Cohen

    Hi Praveen,

    This is Jonathan from Kontera. Thanks for including us in your summery of the best In-Text ad network. With over 15,000 Publishers and 14o million unique users per month, Kontera is the leading In-Text network.

    While we work well with health topics we wouldn’t have been able to grow this size if we weren’t extremely effective in a variety of different niches. For instance, with the tech niche we feature exclusive ads from Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, Brother Printers, Blackberry, HP, and more.

    Kontera is one of the few network that works directly with advertisers, and we also feature exclusive ads from L’Oreal, Chips Ahoy!, Yoplait, Home Depot, National Geographic, Ford, Toyota, and Kmart. These premium, often Rich-Media ads are the most attractive to site visitors, offer the best possible CPC, and are only available through Kontera.

    Another advantage of Kontera other than our ads and the customization options that you mentioned is the Synapse Engine, an algorithm which rather than scanning for keywords like other networks, can actually read your webpages for meaning. This added ability of Topical Targeting is how we can provide you with the most relevant ads for your content, leading to higher CTR and better CPC.

    For anyone interesting in joining us as part of the Kontera network, we’re currently offering new publishers a 70% revenue share, which is the highest rate in the industry. We’re also offering new publishers a $50 bonus if they get at least 25,000 U.S. page views during their first thirty days on the network. Additionally, our $50 minimum payout threshold is applicable across all payment methods, so everyone is seeing the benefits.


    – Jonathan Cohen
    Kontera Community Manager
    [email protected]
    Monetize your site with Kontera In-Text ads

  • infolinks always rocks.
    clicksor is a sore.

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