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Updated October 6, 2023

The idea came to me whilst I was working on my Facebook Messenger application Chit Chat, like all of the good ideas that I have that come to mind this one came to me at a moment when I was focused on an important meeting with a developer and as such couldn’t immediately do anything about it. As such, I wrote down notes regarding this Facebook cover maker thing that I had in mind to come back to later.

Example 1

manga styled fb cover

Example 2

penugin styled fb cover

My Considerations of What The Facebook Cover Maker Should Do

Having a good idea of a web app is great, but not entirely useful unless you do something about it. Whilst I could see that there were plenty of other Facebook cover creating apps out there I didn’t think that they entirely fit everyone’s needs, I mean, after all – why would you want to use a creation app that wants you to start from first principles in your web-browser when you have at your fingertips Microsoft Paint that does entirely the same thing – or even better, Adobe’s Photoshop.

As such, what I came up with was a Facebook Cover Maker whereby you have an influence in what you design, but not so much that it requires hours of design time.

The Character Based Facebook Cover Creator Inspiration

Those of us old enough to remember when MSN Messenger reigned supreme in many countries including the United Kingdom and Belgium, as well as AIM being incredibly popular in the United States will recall that there was application called “WeMe” that enabled users to create their own custom character as their avatar. This character creator app was incredibly popular.

Similarly, on gaming consoles such as Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 creating your own character personality is incredibly popular.

As such, I figured –why not also on your Facebook cover? After all, they say that most new ideas come from standing on the shoulders of giants – i.e. those that have done something similar before.

The Cover Creator App Itself

Titled “Make a Cover for Facebook” the application is in effect a WYSIWYG editor that has been programmed in HTML 5. As a HTML 5 application it doesn’t suffer from resource hogging like the alternative development environment Adobe Flash, one negative point about this environment is that it requires the user to have a recent web-browser installed. As such, works Internet Explorer 6 isn’t going to cut it.

Users of the application are invited to choose from a selection of very different characters, in effect, different personality types. This selected character is then used as a basis of future Facebook cover design.

Using the character that you have selected you are provided with a wardrobe of content on the left hand side and a design screen in the middle stretching out to the far right hand side. What you do is to select an item of clothing, facial expression from the left and side by clicking it and the design screen automatically updates. Simple.

Where Will This Cover Maker Go Next?

I’m looking at introducing text and graphical backgrounds.

Author Bio:- This article was written by the designer of the Facebook cover creator app “Make a Cover for Facebook.” It is intended to serve as inspiration for other application designers.

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