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Updated October 6, 2023

You may have seen discounts on web hosting accounts or bloggers offering free web hosting accounts as a giveaway to limited users.


A webhosting company called “Hostable” is offering free web hosting for 3 years with unlimited website space, mysql database, adding domains, email accounts and free website builder, online support and store.  The features are almost the same as HostGator offers, but i am not sure whether the quality will be the same or not.


For 3 years you can host your blog or website with Hostable for just $0.99. I recommend you to transfer a low traffic blog or start a new blog to test the quality of service. It is not a wise decision to transfer your high trafficked and establish blog to a very new company.

However for the first 3 months you can test its service by starting a new blog with the company. After that you can switch your hosting company to Hostable.

To pay $0.99 use your Credit Card at your own risk, but alternatively you can use PayPal for safe transaction. Also keep in mind that after 3 years you will be needed to pay for the next 3 years and the amount at that stage will be $251.64.
I am not sure about this that whether you will be provided option to pay monthly for your hosting account after the completion of the 3 years or not, but if that is the case then you can either switch to another hosting or if the quality of the service is good, then you can stay with the company. [Correct me if i am wrong]

The offer is for limited time, grab it before it ends.

Hostable- Free 3 Year Web Hosting [The Website has discontinued its services]

Alternatively you can view the list of websites which offers Free WordPress Web Hosting.

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