3 POS Systems Built with Retailers in Mind

Updated October 6, 2023

POS systems are not often tailored to retailers. Some are aimed specifically at restaurants or e-commerce stores, so if you own a retail store and you’re looking for a retail-specific POS system, you’ve come to the right place. These three POS systems contain powerful tools and extras designed with retailers in mind. We’ve collected information on pricing, compatibility, and features of these POS systems so you can make an informed decision on your next purchase.

Improve your POS process

1:- Square

Square is a great POS system that was created with retailers in mind. Its various features and extras, as well as its hardware work to create the most efficient checkout and inventory management process for retailers around the world.

Square’s POS software is easy to use, simple to set up, and accepts multiple methods of payment. The company offers its own card readers and POS terminals, as well as compatible software that can be used on tablets or computers.

The software itself provides valuable insight into sales numbers on a day to day basis, as well as weekly or monthly sales numbers at the touch of a button. Analytics tools provide useful information on the best times of day for sales, the highest-selling products, and much more.

The software also offers customizable receipts and email marketing, as well as an inventory system that sends notifications when your stock is running low. You’ll never run out of your customers’ favorite products with this intuitive inventory management.

Customer profiles can help you track customer spending habits, letting you know when their last visit was as well as which items they purchased so you can follow up with promotional emails or phone calls. Keep those customers coming back with this useful tool.

Square does not charge a monthly fee, but instead charges a specific amount on each purchase, from 2.75% for the basic package to 2.5% +10 cents per purchase for the top tier package. Overall, Square has great tools, an intuitive interface, and no monthly charge, as well as its own hardware to maximize compatibility.

2:- Vend

Vend takes a rather different approach to the POS software industry. With cloud-based software, it can easily integrate with modern POS hardware including receipt printers and registers, as well as third-party software such as Quickbooks.

The software comes with some amazing features such as inventory managers, analytics and reporting tools, as well as the ability to accept multiple payment methods. Monetary exchange has evolved from simple cash or credit transactions to touchless payments and even in-app payment and pickup. Vend supports a variety of payment methods, putting your business ahead of the competition and appealing to a specific market.

Vend is an excellent retail POS system because it’s simple to use. You can easily train employees on the interface in just a few minutes. Each tool and extra is easily accessible and navigated easily within the software. Cloud-based software means security, as well as the ability to operate offline and re-sync when your connection returns.

As far as pricing, Vend provides three packages based on monthly or annual pricing. Lite is the most basic package and runs at $99/month billed annually, Pro is the next step up at $129/month billed annually, and the enterprise package is custom priced based on your business’s needs.

Overall, Vend provides an easy to use interface with cloud-based storage and powerful compatibility and integration tools. If you’re looking for a POS system built specifically with retailers in mind, this is it.

3:- Lightspeed

Lightspeed is focused on making retailers more efficient and better organized. A more efficient store helps improve customer loyalty and reduce costs. Lightspeed provides a powerful POS terminal with the ability to accept and make payments all from one place.

The software also provides accounting tools, so you can be sure that the books are balanced when the tax man comes knocking. This makes it simpler to manage financials when everything is located in one piece of software.

With e-commerce options and a custom loyalty program, you can sell on any platform and provide a loyalty program that will keep customers returning to your store year after year.

Additionally, Lightspeed provides powerful analytics tools so you can discover the strong points in your sales numbers, and make the necessary changes to increase foot traffic and online sales.

Lightspeed offers a package for single stores starting at $99/month, which includes 24/7 support, up to 5 employee accounts, personalized onboarding, a POS terminal, and secure cloud backup. The payment system is safe and secure, so you can be sure your customers’ financial information is processed with their security in mind.

Overall, Lightspeed is reasonably priced, provides hardware and software, as well as cloud-based backup services and excellent support for their products. The software itself has a large following and comes highly recommended by its users, with excellent reviews on several technology websites.

The Bottom Line

A POS system can transform your business into a powerful entity with incredible tools for monitoring sales trends, identifying problem areas, and better managing inventory for maximum efficiency. Remember that efficiency is one of the most important aspects of a business, and can save thousands of dollars per year. Put your business’s efficiency at the forefront of your efforts by choosing one of these three POS systems specifically designed with retailers in mind.

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