3 Advantages of a Postpaid SIM Card Contract

Updated October 6, 2023

Going for a mobile plan can sometimes be a burden for you as a mobile phone user; especially if you’re struggling with the decision of whether to go for a prepaid or a postpaid plan.

I’m an expert that writes for a UK SIM Only website, and I do get concerned whenever I see people worrying about whether to go for a prepaid or postpaid mobile plan. Of course, there are good reasons for going for either of both plans depending on who you are, but my personal preference is the postpaid option for good reasons. Mind you, I’m not trying to say that a postpaid SIM contract is flawless, but it sure has some great benefits. Below are the 3 major advantages of going for a postpaid SIM card contract.

You Don’t Have to Worry about Low Balance or Inability to Recharge

The number one benefit of a postpaid SIM contract is that you don’t have to worry about having low balance on your mobile phone, or about not having access to the vouchers you need to recharge; the reason for this is very simple, you pay for your contract every month (you can even automate it if you want), and as a result you have no reason to worry about recharging or not.

Having to manually recharge your phone every time you want to make a phone call, or every few days/weeks can also be a pain, so going for a postpaid contract helps you take care of this.

You Don’t Have to Worry about Expensive Phone Calls

An added advantage to going for a postpaid SIM card contract is that you don’t have to worry about expensive phone calls when making international calls, simply because your plan will be in the minutes and not based on vouchers. In other words, as long as a country is supported by your service provider, it doesn’t matter how much prepaid customers are paying per minute you don’t have to worry, because you will also use the same type of minute you use for normal calls.

Another advantage is that postpaid plans are several times cheaper in comparison to you having to recharge for all the services you use, so it might be a better idea to give it a try.

You Get a Better Deal

The final advantage to going for a postpaid SIM card contract is that you get a better deal with your ISP in comparison to other general customers. Most ISPs will give you up to 70% discount on your services just to have you sign up for a long term contract, and they will also beef up your plan with a lot of solid services.

If you think you have the money you can invest for a 12 month (or more) contract then going for a contract might be a great idea.

If you’re worried about signing a long term contract with an ISP you hardly know, you can easily ask them to give you a SIM only deal and sign a contract for as less as 30 days.

Author Bio:- This guest post is written by Paul. If you’re looking for cool SIM Only unlimited internet plans make sure you check him out.


  • What is the lowest ammount in airtel post paid?

  • Karan Lugani

    The problem with postpaid plans are companies bill very huge and put up unlimited taxes on the bill. Moreover, prepaid plans are much better in India.

  • Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

    Hi Paul,
    I normally opt for the prepaid cards when it comes to loading my cellphone. Once I opted to go postpaid, but it proved to be a waste of money because I rarely make calls or texts, as our landline is much more convenient and the ones I usually call are just nearby and have landline phones. For those who use their phones in business purposes or they must always call or text other people each day, then having a postpaid sim card is more practical and maybe even cheaper than having a prepaid one.

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