2 Ways to See Gmail Contacts and Export to a .CSV File

Updated October 6, 2023

So you are unable to locate your gmail contacts in your account? It is actually very easy to locate but because of the new interface Gmail has hide the “Contacts” option from the front screen. Now you need to perform more steps to get access to all the contacts of your gmail account.

Here i will show you 2 ways to see your Gmail contacts.

1st Method to See Gmail Contacts

This method is very simple and straight forward. You just need to access this URL https://www.google.com/contacts/ how make sure that you are login to your gmail account, in order to see your contacts. Once you are login in then access the link and you will see all the contacts.

See how simple and straight forward it was.

2nd Way to View Gmail Contacts

Ok if you are unable to locate your contacts using the 1st method, then follow the below steps and get access to your contacts.

1:- Login to your Gmail Account

2:- Click on the Drop Down icon located near “Gmail”.

gmail contacts

3:- Now click on “Contacts” and you will see all the contacts of your account.

How to Export your Gmail Contacts?

1:- After accessing your contacts click on “Other Contacts“.

export gmail contacts

2:- Now click on the drop down gear for “More” button located at top middle of the page.

export contacts3:- A popup window will appear where you can select the type of file for the contacts to be exported. If you want to export all the files in a .CSV format then select “Outlook CSV format” and click on “Export” button.

Now you can save the file in your computer.

Note:- You can use the “Find and merge duplicates” option to remove the duplicate email addresses. Once you have removed the duplicate email addresses you can export your contacts without any duplicate emails.

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  • Ravi Singh

    Hey BILAL ,
    Your tips is very nice to getting more email id. From a log time, I am looking such article. Finally you have shared. I have learned to getting more contact. Thanks for these tips!

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