10 Anti Spam Programs to Keep Your Website Spam Free

Updated October 6, 2023

With advance in technology, there are many wonderful things that have come into existence. New and advanced technology has made our lives and work so much better and simpler. However, at the same time, the fact that it has also lead to many threatening things can not be denied. On the one hand, we have great technology that has made it easier to develop, maintain and update a website. On the other hand, we are also vulnerable to many technology security threats that can destroy our websites and other software completely. When it comes to owning and maintaining a website, one of the biggest problems that create a lot of trouble is Spam. It is one of those evils that can not be avoided but surely can be curbed.

Spam can not only be too annoying, but it can prove to be fatal for your website. It is of paramount importance to secure your website against Spam. The less Spam your site has, the more your business and website will perform better. But unfortunately, the anti Spam industry is growing simultaneously along with technology advancement. Spam can be defined as the bulk of unwanted and unsolicited email messages that are sent in large numbers to unsuspecting recipients. But in today’s time, Spamming has become a nuisance and can make you go through a lot of troubled time. In fact, in the year 2011, around seven trillion Spam messages were sent throughout the web! This is a telling fact about the intensity and enormity of the problem of Spam.

Spam can ruin your business and can make you shell out not only money but it also costs you your precious time. Besides being dangerous, Spam can prove to be quite frustrating. It eats up a lot of your time. It can really  be quite disappointing to find out that out of some 20 odd mails that you have received, only one or two were relevant and rest were Spam. Therefore, to ensure the smooth running of a website, it is important to have robust mechanism in place to fight Spam. Fortunately, we have anti Spam solutions available. A good anti Spam program is an effective way of getting rid of Spam. Anti Spam software provide you with nail filters that can be installed on computers as a separate program. What these filters do is scan each email that is received for viruses, malicious files and even links to other sites.

If you have a good anti Spam program in place, you can rest assured that no Spam will affect the functioning of your site and your business. You will experience a smooth work flow and would not end up wasting your time deleting Spam emails. But it is important for you to should select a good anti Spam program. Some of the key features of a good anti Spam program are

  • It is easy to install
  • It is consistent and stable
  • It can be easily customized so a to keep up with the latest technology update.
  • It is full of good features.

With a good anti Spam program, you can ensure the safety of your website. Mentioned below are ten good anti Spam programs that help in keeping your site Spam free.

1. Email Recover

This is a great anti Spam software. You need to connect to the Internet, and then Email Recover will get email header information. This program allows you to pick those headers that you do not want to receive in future. After this, this program deletes those mails from the mail server.

2. SPAMfighter

Another good anti Spam program. SPAMfighter is a top ranked program which lets you to either blacklist or white-list the emails that you receive. The complete network works as a whole and  whenever any email is blocked from a domain for certain number of times, it automatically gets blacklisted from the entire community. Another advantage is that this program provides protection against email frauds like identity theft, phishing etc. it can also recognize Spam pictures and text.

3. ChoiceMail

This program lets you to filter all your emails according to a number of factors like domain, IP address, reputation etc.  the functionality of this program involves working on a guilty until proven innocent formula. Hence it requires upfront investment. But once the work is done, this great program works wonderfully to control Spam emails.

4. CAAnti Spam Software

It is another top ranked Spam fighter, formerly known as Qurb Anti Spam Software. It starts working right after the installation. It has also won the Editor’s Choice award in PC magazine for three consecutive years. This program takes your white-list from current emails. Moreover, it also integrates well with Outlook Express and Outlook.

5. MailWasher Pro

This is a powerful anti Spam program. It is one of the most effective and a very reliable Spam filter. It was overhauled in the year 2010 and a graphic program was developed by the developers to dampen its learning curve. This program is full of many features and allows you to block all the unwanted mail in various manners.

6. CloudmarkDesktop

This program is specifically designed for Outlook users. It is a community based program and has more than one million users. It functions well and takes all the unwanted emails away from your inbox. One of the most important features of this program is its ability to distinguish between personal emails and Spams. It never deletes any of your personal emails.  It has an innovative approach and can also tackle phishing emails effectively.

7. iHateSpam

This program is specifically designed to work with Microsoft Outlook only. It is one of the most powerful anti Spam program. What this program dies is that it returns to a community based filter and blocks according to server, IP address, header information, sender’s address, etc.

8. SpamEater Pro

Another useful anti Spam program. This software is one of the most customizable and lets the users to set and implement their own rules in order to filter Spam.

9. SpamBully

This is an interesting anti Spam software which helps users to get back to the Spammers by sending the unwanted emails back to them. It automatically reports Spammers to the Federal Trade Commission and also to the owner of the server that the spammer is on.

10. Spam Buster

This is s very simple, and easy to sue anti Spam program. Although it does not have too many features but it makes up for it with its sheer simplicity.
These are the 10 useful anti Spam program which you can use to keep your website Spam free. Considering the intensity of Spam threats increasing with each passing day, it is imperative for every website to have a good and robust anti Spam program in place. It will keep you worry free and will ensure that no Spam slips through to your website. It will facilitate a better working environment and will save a lot of your time and efforts which you can put in to focus on other important aspects of your business. You can use any of the above mentioned anti Spam programs to make your website safe and Spam free.

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