40 High Paying CPM Advertising Networks to Make Money in 2014

In 2014 you need to try a few more channels to earn more money from your blog. There are lots of ways to earn money from a blog and you can monetize blogs in different ways. For some blogs PPC Ads work great, for some affiliate ads work and for some CPM (Cost Per Impression) Ads work better.

You must have tried both PPC and Affiliate Ads, but now give a try to CPM Ads. CPM ads are ads where you place an advertisement on your blog and you get paid for 1000 impressions.

For CPM ads you need consent traffic to earn recurring income. Different CPM network pays different amount per thousand impressions and it totally depends on your blog content and traffic quality. It also depends on countries, for example traffic from US and CA will generate good money for you through CPM Ads.

In this post I have listed 40 high paying CPM Advertising Networks through which you can earn extra income from your blog. Have a look on the list below.

1. Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion

2.Value Click

Value Click Media

3.Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media

4. Advertising


5. Inter Click


6. SixApart


7. Burst Media

Burst Media

8. Precision Click

Precision Click

9. Casale Media

Casale Media

10. AdBrite


11. Adify


12. Double Click

Double Click

13. IDG Tech Network

IDG Tech network

15. PubAccess CPM Ad Network


16. Sulvo X

Sulvo CPM Ad Network

17. Gorilla Nation

Gorilla Nation

18. Chitika


19. AdDynamix


20. Technorati Media

Technorati Media

21. Neoffic


22. AdSmart


23. Adtegrity


24. AdsDAQ


25. Banner Connect

Banner Connect

26. AdAgency 1


27. Net Shelter

Net Shelter

28. Morning Falls Network

Morning Falls Network

29. Canep Media

Canep Media

30. Axill CPM Advertising Network


31. RealCast Media

RealCast Media

32. CPX Interactive

CPX Interactive

33. AdPepper CPM Network


34. Viralytics Media

Viralytics Media

35. Clicksor


36. Paid To Promote

Paid To Promote

37. ClickBooth


38. Fast Advert CPM Advertising Network

fast advert

39. Cubics CPM Ad Network


40 Robert Sherman CPM Ad Network

Robert Sherman

I know you can’t try all these, but give a try to one of them. All are high paying cost per impression advertising networks. It depends on the quality and quantity of your blog traffic that which network suites your blog better. A simple tip for choosing cpm ad network among these is to “First analyze your blog traffic, that from which country you are getting more traffic” and then “Analyze the ad network” that which one offers high paying ads for your traffic. You can contact them or read there website for detail information.

Thanks to EtechBuzz.com for collecting such a useful list for bloggers.

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  • thanks bilal for such useful information and you have got very attractive and professional blog

  • Really good compilation of CPM networks, only trial and error will help determine which are better for one’s site typically from my own experience.

  • Mary

    Thank you for sharing. I wan to join one of them. What is the best CPM service?

  • Wow ! Its a great list, Thanks for letting me know the url with screen shots.

  • Thanks for the list buddy. CPM ads can be a good source of income for blog owners. But I doubt whether it will be good for newbie bloggers (including me) because most of those ad networks accept only high traffic sites. Can you suggest some sites which doesn’t have high traffic requirement?

    • Rojish@ For bloggers having 5000 daily page views CPM networks work great, but below that it is difficult to reach to the minimum payment in a month to get the check. They normally pay $.5 to $3 per 1000 Impression, now you can calculate the total earning after a month.

      I think Valueclick and Tecnoratimedia work great for newbies, you can try that.

  • Hi, are you sure about neoffic? They use to have virus in banners. Have you received a payment from them since on forums people clame that they are a scam site? Thenk you for reply.

    • Jennifer@ I have not used neoffice, but if you can provide the link where any one has wrote about such issues (that virus in banner) then that will be helpful for our readers to stay away from them.

  • Holy! thats on helleva compilation.. which are the ones that you use?
    also how about mobile ads? which ones do you suggest?

    • Dhawal@ I am using Technoratimedia, it work good for TM. I have not tried mobile ads yet. Planning to try.

  • Just found this today, and the I couldn’t thank you enough for it. I’m currently using ContextWeb (used to be Adsdaq) and I couldn’t be happier with them, I haven’t had much luck with Adbrite or Chitika but just got approved for Value Click today, so I’ll be working well with them hopefully. Do you have any suggestions for a cpm network that you listed above that might work the best for sites which gets more than 100k impressions a day?

    Again, this is awesome, and thank you for this post.

    • Scotticus@ I am using TechnoratiMedia on my blog TechMaish, so far it is going well. However it totally depends on the content and nature of traffic. ValueClick is also a very good company.

  • mohammad

    hello my friend ahmad:
    can you tell me about high payment topics & keyword in chitika.com?/?

    very tanks


  • Hello webmaster
    can you please suggest me best ad networks?
    my site get about 2000 visits from all over the world but adsense disabled
    i am currently using adbrite but its paying a very little money in comparison of adsense.
    should i switch to chitika or any other?

  • Yaa, these ad channels are nice one.
    but need good traffic to earn from this cpm networks

    nice post

  • Thanks for the rich information about CPM ad networks…it’s really helpful for me though…

  • This is an excellent list! I have just started a FREEBIE site and am looking to gain some money too. This is VERY helpful and well organized! Thank you:)

  • chris

    I see adprudence missing in here. It is a relatively new adnetowork and they pay very good eCPM. I am very happy with it after trying tons of other networks.

  • Infolinks is a good choice for new websites. They pay high cpm compare to others. Thanks for the list …

  • Some useful comments, although I feel you should also point out that often publishers can make more money using CPA/CPL affiliate offers – although that is notably more work and risk.

    CPM is a great way to be able to just stick some ad tags on your website and start earning money without having to think that much more about it (as is CPC but to a lesser extent as CTR becomes more important).

  • “I think Valueclick and Tecnoratimedia work great for newbies”

    hi, i signed up for Valueclick and Tecnoratimedia and they both denied my application, i get about a 100 page views a day, can you please advice.
    thank you and cheers!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this big list of advertising networks.

  • Blog advertising is a great way to earn a little extra consistent income, to be earning good amounts of revenue you really need to have a blog that is well established with a high amount of readers – this takes time and a lot of effort.

    I’d recommend anyone starting a blog to forget about advertising and just blog because your interested in the subject, the advertising and recognition will come along eventually.

    Thanks for posting this,

  • Thanks for the nice share, my website is new and i am almost getting 700 pages views per day, 100+ traffic/day. which one is best for me?

  • Few are good like technorati media. But, most of all are new and not good enough.

  • At times you do not want to use adsense on a kind of website where you get a lot of traffic through referral methods so these are the best options available. My question is that is it just a list or in order of priority as per quality. Thanks

  • These are really good networks, my site is getting 2500 page views daily, will technoratimedia.com approve a/c. I have a job site.


  • Neeraj Joshi

    I like the list most of them are really nice network. I personally like the CPV monetization program of Edomz.com very much! They’re quite reliable, easy to use online money making process!

  • Very nice list, but you should include Glam Media as well, its a high paid cpm ad network.

  • As a new blogger myself I would recommend that you shouldn’t make your blog very ad heavy just in order to few cents as you will not make more than that unless you are mashable or techcrunch. My personal favorite is adsense but again focus more on writing good content and don’t bother about making money as money will eventually come along the way.

  • Please advice …
    I have been using Infolinks, in my simple site.
    Is there a solution/ suggestion if I add another ads than adsense?

    Please,. Send me a suggestion to my email!

  • Johny

    Where is the Poponclick.com ? I’m using it and I think it’s one of the most profitable, but offcourse for popups.

  • pushpa

    I started using eDomz.com CPV ./.program few month ago and I find it profitable and good, I have mostly traffic from India and I average $3 and some time $5 for every 1000 visits. it seems eDomz CPV affiliate program is exactly what you looking for, they show ads to user when a visitor comes at first in site, you can set number of time you want show pop ads to same users, They pays on request twice every month, has good rates for most country.

  • @Johny, as someone who has used different ad programs over the years, I would suggest not to rely on popup ads as many people now use blockers. Your ad will be blocked and you will not receive any impressions.

    Instead, I would stick with the regular on-the-page ad banners.

    Good luck

  • adbrite pay me .03 USD for every click , dont know for CPM , as im newly registered to them and doesnt reach the 1000 pv till this time

  • asian cutie

    thank u, can i have question? what’s CPM different from CPV

  • adsense is the best but most of publishers get banned there because of the strict rules. So i always love to use 2nd tier cpm network like Searchbytes.com. they are offering cpm banner advertising that is really worth. I average $2-4 for my international traffic. So i am quite happy with this program.

  • The challenge is always to combine adsense with other networks. Has anyone used adsense and other CPM or CPV programs on the same page Can you share?
    If it cannot be used on the same page, has anyone used ad rotation programs to determine when to show Google ads and when to show other ads fron other networks.
    I would like to maximize my earnings but not sure of the best way

  • Haripal

    Hi bilal ahmed….this is one of the top most article…..please give me a best high paying CPM ad network where i can earn more….my web site getting 3000+ pageviews per day……

    • Haripal@ All the websites mention here are the top, however i suggest you to go for the one which has the minimum payout of $10 or $25 so that you can withdraw your money as soon as you hit the minimum payout limit.

      Don’t go for the one which has $50 or $100 minimum payout. Otherwise you will have to wait until you have that amount in your account to withdraw it.

      • Haripal

        thanks bilal…..please tell me in how many days i can earn 10$……and how long it take to earn 50$ as for my pageviews 3000 per day……

        • @haripal, it depends on the cpm program. If the cpm is 3$ , you can earn 10$ within 2 days and 50$ within 5 to 6 days.

  • It was really interesting to know, that how many cpm advertizers are out there
    thank you for that.

    But please update this post for 2012, and who are the top paying ones.

  • sheri

    Thanks for a great site, and useful cpm and cpc programs.
    I found one that is good, it is another cpm network, adnoble.com

  • Nice collection of ad Network Sites. Can this list be reduced to top 10?

  • hey
    nice post and got to know much more about what am looking for.
    If possible would like to know how these online ad networks really work.
    I mean how these ad networks initially get into this business.
    From where do they initially get advertisements, so that they are able to deliver these advertisements to other websites.

    • Naushad@ I don’t know exactly but any business on internet normally use the channels of advertisements to get clients. For these websites “advertisers” are also the clients. Basically both “Advertisers” and “Publishers” can be attracted through advertising.

  • Alex Velea

    Use cpcGalaxy.com for few days and i have yet more of $15 in account. One of my friends made already a withdraw of $30. I receive more of $0.5 for each registered click. Recommend!

  • the most quality and high paying ads to me is paidtopromote they pay me always.

  • maxim

    I am using cpmleader.com and they are paying good

  • bilal i have 1000 page veiw per day so sugest me where i can get cpm i newly started the website so please tell who are the top paying ones

  • Hi,
    Thanks so much for great post. Wonderful list for me, but i don’t know why i can’t connect into adbride site today.

  • As a note, Adbrite is very bad. Don’t waste time with it.

  • yasar

    Sparrow solution is a better option in india

  • hiren

    thank u sir your post is very helpful for me

  • I don’t think I have luck with affiliate links. I prefer cpm and I really appreciate you for this list

  • Thanks Bilal Ahmad for info,

    But I want to know who Pay’s highest among them ??????

  • please help me to join the best network.
    I am using qadabra.com and they pay only $0.1 for 1000 impressions.
    My site has 3500+ daily page views and 200000+ monthly impessions.
    please suggest me the best network.

    • Ravinaik@ It depends on the quality of your traffic. If you are getting traffic from European countries then try ValueclickMedia.com OR BrustMedia.com

  • Hi, Bilal:
    Thank you for this awesome post.
    Have you ever used madadsmedia? If you did, can you please share your experience or opinion with us? Thanks.

  • AdBrite is down and it has not paid my 300$.

  • Thank you so much for sharing, well chosen links, I think Tribal fusion is the best amongst all.

  • pravin

    Dear friend,

    I tried one ad network that is http://www.toobamedia.com.
    Really its works good for me…High paying ad network in india..

  • hi bilal my blog is 6 month old i don’t get approve the google ads my site 50000 + page view per month suggest me to better ads program to earn money plz help me.

    • You can try admediaking.com CPM ad network for high CPM rate.I am using adsense and admediaking for my site Pr9link.com .My traffic is also 50000 +

  • Is there any of above sites pay daily (or weekly) Pls let me know thanks

  • Salim

    how many advertisers can I use for a particular blog

  • I use cubics. Very good in earning:)
    I make around $200 per week.
    I do review of blog articles daily..

  • Sofia

    I highly recommend adtomatik. I’ve been using it for the last eight months and the results are unbelievable. Best ecpm and higher fill rates in comparison to others I’d tried.

  • Priyanka

    Hello friends
    nice article
    my blog have 50 K + monthly views .mostly from india and us. i tried out cpmleader and many ad networks and very tired of those cpm rates. please suggest me some network which pays decent for my impressions.

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