Why DBaaS Matters In Tech Startups And Expanding Enterprises

Updated October 6, 2023

Cloud relocation of computing services is on the rise as more tech ventures invest in Database as a service (DBaaS). The DBaaS Market, valued at around $10.37 billion several years ago, has an expected growth forecast of 15.7% from now until 2026. Tech companies with an ICT focus, as well as others in diverse areas such as music stores, social networking, and gaming, are flocking to DBaaS over in-house management of computing services. Here are some solid advantages to DBaaS in 2022, and how it can help evolve your tech enterprise with cloud-powered potential.

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Data Certainty – Control Where You Need It

Every tech business is unique, but there are commonalities between companies who rely on databases for accuracy, speed, and innovation. The distinct advantage of subscribing to a DBaaS is that it guarantees functionality and accuracy in online transactions, including the fast retrieval of data despite any errors, power failures, or instances of unreachability, at your online interface. Your DBaaS services are managed through a relational database such as the popularly used MySQL, PosgreSQL, MariaDB, and SQL servers. All these servers have relatively user-friendly schemas which allow for the altering of tables, rows, and columns. For example, a MariaDB rename column functionality, which enables you to change the structure of an existing table, when supported by DBaaS, is easily actioned.

Reduced Installation and Configuration Costs

One of the most valuable benefits you’ll get with a DBaaS subscription is the outsourcing of the initial installation and configuration. As many tech start-ups are heavier on ideas than capital, this represents valuable savings early on. Once configured, you’ll access your database through a secure private cloud service. While there are vulnerabilities associated with adopting a provider-managed IT infrastructure, the financial benefits in not needing to employ cloud-specialist technicians generally outweigh any risk.

Maintenance and Upgrades

DBaaS subscriptions typically come with the provision of maintenance and upgrade services. As advances in the tech world move at lightning speed, it’s essential to the scaling of your business that you remain up to date with the latest software and functions. DBaaS providers also often handle any additional database administration services (DBA), such as backup and performance management, providing an added layer of security and insurance at no extra cost.

Ongoing Savings

Perhaps the most compelling feature of DBaaS, especially for tech start-ups and companies in their infancy, is its affordability. Labor is expensive, and paying a fee subscription for computing services rather than hiring or conscripting paid staff to assume these tasks, results in greatly reduced IT costs. You’ll save on the purchase of new hardware and the upgrading of software. With reduced space required for hardware assembly, you can also save on office rental space and outgoings such as electricity costs.

Strong structures are built on solid ground. For many scalable tech operations, this steady foundation is housed in DBaaS cloud-held solutions.

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