Where Can You Use Acekard 2i

Updated October 6, 2023

Acekard 2i is considered as the best available flash cards in the market for Nintendo DSi.

The successful Acekard was in the market, but the company feels it necessary to introduce a better card when Nintendo released DSi. In fact, the card was launched just three weeks after the introduction of the new Nintendo. But, the amazing thing with this card is its backward compatibility. The card was launched for Nintendo DSi, but it is also compatible with Nintendo DS and DS Lite.

The card is quite diverse when it comes to compatibility. You can use it for various uses including for different gaming consoles and for many other applications. It is reliable, dependable and quite easy to use.

Following are some of important uses of this card

  • First thing you will notice about it is the storage capacity. It has an accompanying micro SD card with storage capacity of up to 32 GB. With this space you can store many things with it. It is quite flexible. You can store different types of applications.
  • The card is perfect when it comes to enjoying your favorite movie or listening to music. You can also keep e-books of different formats with it. It is definitely a true multimedia card.
  • You can also load social software on it. With this software, it will be possible to read colorful comic stories. Moreover, you can also surf the internet. In fact, the possibility of you doing enjoying various stuffs with it is simply limitless. It is a true versatile card.
  • It also comes with download features. You can also design various themes.
  • It offers you an opportunity to save your favorite games online into your computer or laptop. Moreover, you can also share these games with your friends.
  • You can do many other important works with it. Many of the benefits stem from its ability to use micro SD card instantly.

This is one of the most popular cards for Nintendo DSi. The popularity of this card ensures that it is widely available. There are also many websites like nds-gear.com selling this card in quite competitive price with optimum guarantee of products. You can also consider them while shopping for it.

Author Bio:Colinashlyn is considered an authority for Nintendo gaming consoles. Currently he is working with nds-gear.com where he reviews all flash cards compatible with various Nintendo Consoles. While not engaged with gaming consoles, he loves to play volleyball with close friends.

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