When to Use the Creative Writing Style and the Technical Writing Style?

Updated October 6, 2023

The web is a great venue for expressing your thoughts and your ideas and getting your message across. Whether you want to share your personal ideas, sell a product, or share general information, there’s surely someone on the web who will read it. However, it’s not enough for you to just write your piece without taking your audience and your topic into consideration and using the appropriate style for such.

Two of the commonly used writing styles for web content are the creative writing style and the technical writing style.  It’s easy for creative writers to automatically use the creative writing style regardless of the nature of their content and the same goes for technical writers who seemingly use the technical writing style as their default writing style. However, it will be important to determine the appropriate style to use before you start writing your content in order for your content’s message to become more effective.

Below are some of the types of web content and my suggestions for the writing style that will be more effective for each of them:

Blog Posts

Unless you have a technical blog, it will be better to use the creative writing style when writing blog posts as this will make for a light and entertaining read. It will also enable the reader to relate more to the blogger’s thoughts and emotions as the creative writing style will allow the blogger to make the post more personal.


Whether you are writing a movie review, a food review, or a product review, using the creative writing style will enable you to more explicitly describe the object you’re reviewing. This writing style is also more flexible and comes in a lot of varied formats, which will allow you to effectively impart the experience you’ve had and your opinions about the movie you’ve watched or the food or product you’ve tried. By allowing the reader to get a feel of your own experience, they will be better able to decide whether to watch the movie or try the food or product that you’ve reviewed.

Product Information

When merely describing a product in terms of its features, uses, and other attributes, it will be better to use the technical writing style. Web users will usually read product information online if it’s not possible for them to see the actual product. As such, it’s important for you to present the product information in a factual and straightforward manner. This will allow the reader to get an accurate description and visualization of the product. In addition, this will enable them to easily go through the product information and find the specific details that they need.

DYI/How-to Information

Whether you’re writing about how to fix a computer bug, how to cook a certain dish, or how to make holiday home decors, it will be best for you to use the technical writing style as this writing style presents information in a clear, precise, and straightforward manner, which will allow the reader to easily follow the instructional information that you provide.

Sales Copy

When writing content for the purpose of selling a product, it will be better to use the creative writing style, as this will allow you to appeal to the reader and get them excited about the product you’re selling. This will also allow you to describe the product in ways that will spark the reader’s imagination, and which will hopefully convince them to buy the product.

Author Bio:- Reina Marie Gonzales is a professional technical writer who currently works full time as a freelance writer. Click freelance health writing jobs to find out more about freelance writing jobs.

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