Waterfall Chart in PowerPoint

Updated October 6, 2023

Waterfall Chart is an innovative data representation in a chart similar to the bar diagrams which represents changes in data. It is one of the most popular graph types in various analytics

By default, PowerPoint doesn’t provide this type of chart template in its office library. But it’s very simple to design waterfall chart templates with a few tweaks

To create Waterfall Charts

  • First we need to create a traditional column chart with your custom data
  • Modify it to stacked columns style
  • Converting the generic column chart into waterfall chart style

How to create Waterfall Charts

  • First create a normal column chart and select the chart type – Stacked Chart from the drop down list. Input the necessary data into the chart. Make sure you have 2 or more fields

waterfall chart

  • Since in ,waterfall charts the columns are close to each other, you need configure the right gap between the columns in this chart. In Format Data series, choose a minimum value for ‘Gap width’ option

format data series

  • Now comes the main part. In Format Data Series, choose ‘No fill’ option for the bottom part to mask out that part and make it look transparent. That’s it, you have converted the traditional column chart into waterfall chart

ugroup waterfall chart

  • Play around with colors, settings like gap width. Remove all the additional markers like legend, scale e.t.c for designing a much more attractive graph
  • You can right click on the chart and select Ungroup to gain more control over each element and format it manually

This chart templates is widely used in illustrating a company’s growth or loss during specific period of time.

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