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Updated October 6, 2023

When you think of the word “technology”, washing machines don’t instantly spring to mind. Since the introduction of smart phones and the ability to cram technology into small devices, manufacturers can now come up with new ways to make washing your clothes that little bit easier. So what’s happening in the world of washing machine technology?

Samsung say you can control your washing machine from your Smartphone app. Using Wi-Fi technology you can start/stop the wash, set notifications for when it’s finished or just find out where it’s up to with your wash. Giving credit where it’s due, Samsung have even made the app available for any other phone which can use apps. Many people may see this as a novelty and yes, in my opinion I haven’t felt like I’ve needed to stop the washing machine whilst at work, however little things like refreshing clothes just before you get home so they don’t smell. If you forgot to put the washer on before going to work you can do so later remotely too.

washing machine technology

LG have developed one of the best Wi-Fi style appliance apps in my opinion with Thinq technology. It’s a network of home appliances which they are looking to take to each and every appliance that you can buy from them. Designed to make life easier and also help you monitor such things as electricity usage i.e. some electric companies have times of the day with different tariffs, so you can see when the cheapest time to wash things will be. You’ll be able to access new pre-programmed options to assist your washing and offer you useful features designed to make life in the kitchen easy.

lg washing machine wifi

Panasonic may not have gone down the route of apps just yet but they have stamped their own mark on technology with their revolutionary 3D Sensor Wash. With sensors within the drum monitoring each separate piece of clothing within the wash, it intelligently adjusts the spin speed, water consumption and angle of the drum so that the clothes are treated as kindly as possible, which benefits you as it extends the wear time and preserves the colours.

Panasonic app

So what can we expect in the future?

Personally, I think there will be many manufacturers who take these technologies on-board, or further, and create some really useful means to making chores in the home less stressful. A product development team called Xeros, at Leeds University are currently developing the Xeros Polymer Cleaning Process.

future technology

This process will reduce water usage by 90%. When you look at the current usage which is already low, at around 18 litres in some cases will mean that hardly any water is used at all. Using Nylon polymer beads inside the machine attract the stains out of the clothing and can be used time and time again. So with just a small amount of water these beads will be damp enough to attract stains from garments making them fresh and clean.
If the fact that saving you money isn’t good enough, then consider this, if the whole of the US were to take to this idea then the equivalent reduction in the carbon footprint would equate to removing 5 million cars from the US roads. Similarly, with regards to water consumption, in just one year over 1.2 billion tonnes of water would be saved.

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