Vivid Aspirations – How to Get the Highest Quality Prints From Your Printer

Updated October 6, 2023

Print Quality Photos

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Whether you perform photography for a living, or you simply love to take pictures as a hobby, you will want to have good quality prints of the image you have captured. Nature scenes, wildlife, stills, action shots, and even pictures with extreme characteristics can be printed with exact detail.

There are so many ways to print photographs nowadays, which is the best to perform at home? Printing photos from your printer are still the best option based on cost and convenience.

Keep reading to learn the top five ways to get the highest quality prints from your printer.

Ink Cartridges

The type of technology you use to print the image of the picture on the paper is one of the best ways to get a high-quality print. You do not have to invest in a colour laser printer to get the photograph you want. Inkjet printers that use Brother Ink cartridges will give you an excellent colour photograph. An inkjet printer will print you a high-quality print with colours that ‘pop’. It is quite adequate to perform multiple printing jobs for your pictures at home.

High-Quality Paper

The next must have to print high-quality prints at home is a specific grade paper. You need high-quality paper such as speciality photo paper to get the best digital prints. Photo paper such as matte or glossy will do the trick. They are much better than standard printing paper as the matte or glossy print will have a better sheen, more vibrant colours, and will just look better than standard printing paper. Make sure you investigate the price of speciality photo paper as it can be more expensive than other paper, but it will be worth it in the end!

Use the Correct Mode

When printing a photograph to have as a high-quality print, you need to make sure you have the inkjet printer set on the correct setting when printing. There are a few modes to choose from on your inkjet printer with those being normal, fast, and best. Always choose best when attempting to print a high-quality print. Make sure you do not procrastinate and wait until the last minute to print your glossy photo, as it will take approximately two to five times as long to print your photo in the ‘best’ mode!

Aspect Ratios Matter

What is one of the most annoying things that can occur when you print a photograph? It is stretched and looks out of sorts. If you have captured a beautiful picture, you do not want it ruined by the printer cropping out or stretching part of the image. The way to make sure you avoid an oddly shaped model is to match your aspect ratios to the size of the paper that you will print the photo on. If you have the proportions set up differently, you will get the annoying stretched or cropped print. Make sure to verify your aspects ratios match before printing.

Why it is Essential to Have High-Quality Prints

If you go to all the work of capturing the perfect photo, don’t you want to display your work the best possible way you can? If you had to sit for hours to get the perfect shot of a wild animal or of an outstanding sunset, the print needs to have the best look it can.

To do this, you need to not only have the perfect shot, but you also must have a great inkjet printer with the best ink possible that can take on the job. High-quality paper is also necessary. Make sure not to stretch the photo by making sure your aspect ratios are set correctly. Lastly, use the correct mode when printing. These small tips will allow you to both capture and print the best version of your magnificent photograph for all to see!

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