Top 5 Tools To Make Online Selling Easier and Boost Mobile Commerce

Updated October 6, 2023

Online buying and selling has become more common and easier nowadays with various tools available for facilitating online transactions. Some of the popular tools which facilitate online selling are PayPal, Intuit’s Go Payment and Square. Other e-commerce portals which make online selling easer are and

PayPal is one of the safest and easiest ways to pay money for your purchases and to get paid for selling goods online. This tool allows you pay in your preferred mode like bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal Smart connect etc. without having to provide your banking details to anyone. You can get paid for selling goods just by providing your PayPal e-mail address instead of providing your bank account details which you might consider as risk to your financial safety.

PayPal is one of the leaders in online payment services and it has more than 153 million registered users. The tool is available across 24 currencies and 190 markets around the globe and you can access it from anywhere, anytime. It has received more than twenty awards for excellence from various business communities and Internet industry. It recently received the Webby Aware for Best Financial Services in the year 2006. Recently PayPal introduced a device called PayPal here which allows you to process credit card payments from your smart phone using a small triangle-shaped device.

Intuit GoPayment

The GoPayment is another payment service from Intuit which helps you to process credit card payments from your mobile phone and provides you a merchant account for managing credit card transactions. It does not involve any monthly service charges, minimum payment or setup fee. Only transaction fee is charged at rate of 3.7% for keyed in transactions and 2.7% for swiped rates. In order to use this payment services, you should install GoPayment application in your smart phone. You can send customized receipts through text message or email and capture customer signatures through touchscreen in your phone. There is also GPS tracking facility to capture sales location. It is a mobile payment solution which is very user-friendly and safer than other payment methods.


Squareup is a small startup which was founded by Jim Mckelvey along with Jack Dorsey who also founded Twitter. Squareup is an elegant user-friendly application which is similar to GoPayment and allows processing of credit card transactions through your smart phone. The Application needs to be installed on your smart phone and you get a free square-shaped device which you can use to swipe your credit cards. It also does not require any setup fee or installation fee, but only 2.75% for each credit card swipe transaction.

Amazon is a Fortune 500 company based in Seattle, Washington and is one of the worldwide leaders in e-commerce. is very popular for online selling and buying since it was founded in the year 1995 by Jeff Bezos. They operate in various countries all over the world and you can purchase and sell goods anytime, anywhere using this online portal. They also provide other services like Product Advertisements, Packing, and Building custom websites for marketing your product etc.

Considered the world’s online marketplace, is a popular E-commerce portal for purchase and selling of new and used electronic devices. It is very good tool for small businesses who do not have enough capital to setup their own shop or showroom. You can just create an account on e-bay for free and start selling your products instantly.

All the five websites mentioned above are very good tools for selling goods online and making money.

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