Toshiba Regza AT200 Review

Updated October 6, 2023

Toshiba is following the trends today with real talent. Being a big company and all, people working there know that what’s in right now are gadgets with the thinnest, slimmest and lightest bodies. This is the very thinking of the future. This company is aware of this and manufactured a new tablet called Regza AT200. This Android tablet comes with a whole new way of looking at design. Its specifications, on the other hand, do not live up to the company’s reputation. About this and other things, please check out our review.

Toshiba AT200

Two versions available

Toshiba is not at its first tablet working with Android. That original model which started the trend was not very inspired. So the manufacturer turned things around and created the Regza AT200. Apple will have a look at this model and be ashamed. Because the team who designed this gadget have done everything in their power to make a tablet that is thinner than what the American company brought so far to eager hands.

The AT200 comes in two memory versions: 16GB (price: $530) and 32GB (with a cost of $600). The cost is evidently high, but Toshiba themselves said that this is due to the lightness and low thickness of their product. The Excite 10 LE – as it’s known in the US – is truly an amazing tablet in terms of weight and dimensions. We feel it will be the most sought after device this year. This is something very important for such a product. Because you will be holding it probably for many hours in your left or right hand. So, thickness is only 7.7mm.

10 inch display diagonal

But the dimensions, weight and beautiful looks do not mean there is no con in the design of the Toshiba AT200. There had to be something like that to bring us down. In tests, we saw that the rear had a sheet of brushed magnesium alloy covering it. This material has a plasticky feel to it that we do not appreciate in a tablet. And this metal feels like the edge of a shirt tag. Which is to say: annoying. The other visual con is represented by the gadget’s charging adapter. Which is seriously too big. But then again, the pro of this is that the user can easily charge the AT200 over the device’s microUSB connection. Even if that will take him or her a considerably longer amount of time.

The screen is 10″. Pixels come in a 1,280 x 800 quantity. Corning Gorilla Glass is what protected it from damage in our testing process. We thought it was good.

Powered by Android 3.2 Honeycomb

This product does not come with the best value on the market. No amazing CPU graces the insides of the gadget. There is only a 1.1GHz dual-core processor. And the operating system is Android’s 3.2 version called Honeycomb. It’s not even necessary anymore to say that the Ice Cream Sandwich version would have been a better choice by far. The company says that an upgrade will be made this spring.

If the CPU and the OS are not enough to start a revolution, then connectivity options are. They are plenty, really. Their number is even more surprising seeing as the tablet is so slender. The hours we received from playing with the tablet were 8. So that means the battery is a good one.

Review conclusion

It takes a lot to make a tablet become successful. Toshiba’s AT200 does not outshine its siblings. But it does impress with its design and fairly good performance.

Author Bio:- Catalin Nichita is a electronics geek, addicted to new technologies, gadgets reviews and web new trends. You can read more about his articles if you read its personal technology blog.

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