Top Five Free WordPressthemes That You can Use for Soccer Blogs

Updated October 6, 2023

Recently, while planning to launch a soccer blog, I came to realize that just like the bloggers even the theme designers are just following the trends by offering tech or general magazine like themes. Maybe they are just trying to supply what’s in demand, and because very few bloggers are ready to think out of the boxandopting for a less common niche like sports or soccer, there’s adearth of sports or soccer themes on web. When searching, I wasn’t able to find many premium themes, let alone the free ones. A big majority of themes that appear in the Search Engine Results are actually general themes with a couple of sporty images; some are not free, while others are not available anymore. To cut a long story short, it took me quite some time in finding free themes which are still available. After going through a number of themes, I’ve hand-picked the best five themes,not really exceptionalstill better than the rest.

Note: Some free WordPress themes contain encrypted codes or even malware, so you must do the due diligence when downloading and installing a free theme on your blog, regardless of the provider.

1# Football Club

A handy soccer theme with a simple slider for featured stories and two side bars for all sorts of widgets you’d like to add. The navigation is quite simple and a dark football-field like background and the stadium image in the header gives it the ideal look for a soccer blog.

2# Sport Now

This one is easily the most functional free theme for a soccer blog, with a green soccer field as a background and football icons used quite efficiently to sync it with the game. There’s a slider for the featured post and widget section looks good as well. Unlike other sports theme, this one doesn’t appear to be left in the middle with a lot of half-hearted coding. You can download this theme for free from here.

3# All Footballers

Here’s another good one amongst a very small selection of soccer or even sports inspired themes available for free on web. The design is minimal but you can use a more relevant image in the header to customize. The theme relies on a lot of images in the posts to produce a satisfactory look, and sourcing imagesfor every post can be a little tiresome for bloggers. You can download the theme here.

4# Football News Theme

Another neat and clean WordPress theme that you can use for a magazine type blog, to be brutally honest, there’s just one small football icon appearing here and there on an otherwise basic WordPress theme, still that icon is enough to give it the desired look. You might want to do some minor tweaks to adjust the overall color combination and fonts.

5# Acrobatic Futbol Kick WordPress Template

A standard wordpress theme, with a nice header that highlights the action, acrobatic futbol template is an easy to install and use theme, and you will find many more soccer themes with pretty much similar design but different headers and colors on the same website under the soccer category, where you can chose the template with your favorite color and header, rest of the theme is quite simple yet pretty effective. You can download the theme here.

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