Top 5 IT Outsourcing Destinations

Updated October 6, 2023

Outsourcing is a very popular trend that is present in virtually every sphere of business. In order to speed up delivery times and cut down expenses, many companies all around the world use outsourcing services. Indeed, there are lot of benefits of hiring offshore companies from the Eastern Europe, Central and South America and also from Southeast Asia. Nearshore software development company in Europe provide a full range of services, however the most in-demand are IT outsourcing services.

The list of companies offering IT outsourcing services is huge. A tough competition between these companies has a direct impact on the high quality of services they provide. Though most of the offshore companies offer top-notch services, some IT outsourcing destinations are more popular than others.


This is the list of five most popular countries on the IT outsourcing market:

1 – India

This is undoubtedly the most popular destination for IT outsourcing. In fact, it is a founder country of the outsourcing services. If you choose Indian developers for your IT project, you will get experienced and low-cost labor, that will do their best to deliver a product tailored to your requirements.

2 – China

This highly populated country is the main provider of various outsourcing services. Of course, IT outsourcing holds a prominent place in the country’s economy. China has one of the most quickly developing IT outsourcing markets, with an annual growth indicator of about 30 percent.

3- Singapore

Singapore is a beloved offshore location of some of world’s most renowned companies, including Microsoft, IBM, First Boston, Hewlett-Packard and Citibank. This the main indicator of the high level of IT service provided by Singapore’s specialists.

4 – Macedonia

Though the Republic of Macedonia is a pretty small country, its IT outsourcing potential cannot but impress. Macedonia has quickly found its place on the IT outsourcing market. Its experienced IT specialists, supportive business environment and low taxes provide excellent opportunities for IT outsourcing.

5 – Ukraine

Ukrainian developers are also among the leaders of IT outsourcing services providers. Ukraine’s IT specialists are talented, skilled and highly qualified. You will fully realize this by hiring freezeprosoftware team. This company specializes in developing premium custom-made IT solutions. They provide a wide range of services and guarantee a timely product delivery.

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