Top 5 Cool Spy Gadgets to Use in 2013

Updated October 6, 2023

Ever since the fondly remembered days of adverts in the back of penny comics, Spy Gadgets have been entertaining would be secret agents of all ages. Things have come a long way, however, from the time of X ray specs! Here at SpyCameraCCTV we are specialist suppliers of Spy Gadgets, using the very latest technology. Here are some of our picks for the best to use in 2013!

1. Voice Activated Spy Pen

Voice Activated Spy Pen

Spy Camera Pens are a perennial favourite, and this one boasts the very latest features. Principally, Voice Activated recording makes it a breeze to secretly record video conversations and meetings without conspicuously fumbling with your pen! The camera records straight to the built-in USB stick, at an impressive HD resolution (1280×960). Not only that, but it features 8GB of storage, enough for hours of covert video!

2. Hidden Camera Travel Power Adapter

Hidden Camera Travel Power Adapter

Now this is currently one of our most popular Spy Cameras, and a great device for travelling. This working Travel Plug Adapter conceals a tiny camera and mini DVR that records to MicroSD card. Simply leave it plugged in the wall and the device will record video whenever it detects motion- perfect for watching over a hotel room. What’s really clever is that it takes power from the plug, so there are no irritating batteries or suspicious leads to worry about! This can definitely help you keep your belongings safe in an unknown environment without raising suspiscion.

3. 0.002 LUX Low Light Pinhole Spy Camera

LUX Low Light Pinhole Spy Camera

Not every Spy Cam has to be disguised! This mini spy cam measures just 32x32mm, and is fitted with a versatile pinhole lens. This means it can be easily concealed behind a bookshelf or wall, with the lens peeking through a gap as small as 2mm! Crucially, the camera’s High Grade Sony sensor allows it to keep recording in conditions as dark as 0.002 lux- that’s equivalent to starlight!

4. IR Hunting Camera With MMS Messaging

IR Hunting Camera With MMS Messaging

If you’re looking for a device that you can leave recording for months at a time, this outdoor Wildlife Camera is the perfect solution. Running off just a few AA batteries, the camera can take video or stills when the built in Passive Infra-red (PIR) sensor is triggered by body heat. This advanced model can even be set up to send MMS picture messages to your Mobile Phone each time the camera is triggered. Ideal for security in remote locations!

5. Wireless IP Camera Hidden In Smoke Detector

Wireless IP Camera Hidden In Smoke Detector

This unassuming Smoke Detector hides an IP Camera- probably the most versatile type of camera available today! The camera connects straight to a Router, allowing you to watch your footage live from any device over the internet! To gain this function normally requires the use of an expensive standalone CCTV DVR. With this nifty device you can even access it over a WiFi network, meaning you won’t even need any conspicuous cables leading to the router!

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