The Importance of Proofreading for SEO Content

Updated October 6, 2023

The face of SEO is changing at a fast pace. The relevance and importance of website content is a factor that is presently ruling how it’s done today. More businesses are listing themselves online to tap into the increasing online nature of business. More important for SEO however, is whether or not your website visitors convert. How many people pay for a service or buy a product from your website? But how effectively do you create content that users and search engines alike will love? You need to create accurate, well written original content.

In the race to keep up with competitors for a limited audience, you may be tempted to publish haphazard content. This is content that has typos, grammar and spelling problems, and so forth. To eliminate all these you need to proofread your work or hire a proofreader to do it for you. This article is point blank and direct on the importance of proofreading your work. It also details why you may have to get a proofreader to do it for you.


Reputation on the line

Let’s face it; the days when SEO was only supposed to rank keywords and bring traffic to your website are gone. Nowadays, the biggest role for SEO is creating value on a website. This means that conversions have to be top notch. When content is written and published on your website, that’s your reputation on the line.  You need to manage that. If the content is poorly done, have typos and other grammar mistakes-your professional reputation hurts. The end result of this is poor performance, low conversion-less money and success.

Search engines penalize badly done content

The search engines like Google work on algorithms. These algorithms understand language-different. If you publish content on your website and it looks bad compared to other websites, you will not be given relevance in the search engines. This means that whatever SEO energy you add to make your website rank; all is futile. However, if you proofread your work or content to the best standards of whatever language you want to use, the search engines will reward you with better search engine visibility, traffic and conversions.

Word processors don’t work

Most writers and content publishers/writers use basic word processor programs to write articles, web copy or content. These processors have proven to be less that 100% accurate for what they deliver for years. This means that, for your content to be published straight from these processors into your website’s CMS, accuracy and grammar cannot be guaranteed. This means that, only proofreading can help you deliver work that will work, both for the search algorithms and site visitors.

Proofreading is necessary: but what is stopping you?

The importance of proofreading work cannot be overemphasized. It is very important. However, you may be challenged first by the amount of time it takes. For written work to be top notch or appear as such, you need to do all the hard work. Proofreading is not a second’s work. You have to do and redo it until it works-to benefit from the aforementioned SEO benefits. This means that, you may have to look for content proofreading help.

Seeking content proofreading help is essential for your website for a number of reasons. First, proofreaders are professionals whose work is proofreading. They will do it thoroughly to ensure that the work is high quality to meet search engine demands and users.

The other advantage of seeking proofreading help is it allows you to focus on what matters for your business. All in all, your website needs to be proofread before you hit publish for SEO and users.

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  • I agree. If I see a spelling, punctuation or grammatical error, my immediate assumption is that the person who has written it is stupid. My assumption can be overturned by the content of the writing (or other knowledge of the author), but if that’s the first thing I think, then it’s not a good impression.

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