Smartphones and Their Positive Impact on Health

Updated October 6, 2023

Did you ever think smartphone will help in the betterment of a human’s health? If no, then open your eyes, because you will see a new digital future with the help of smartphones. According to the doctors, they will help human’s health in many different ways like measuring blood pressure, heart beats and the amount of sugar in the blood. It will play a sort of medicine role and will help patients keep themselves more fit and healthy. Recently, iPhone has taken initiative in this regard in 2009 by producing some awesome applications related to medical.

Smartphones makes this process more of a fun by taking care of your health. It’s a kind of a game that engages patients more deeply in the process of health recovery. By this way patients take more interest in their health and they seldom feel boredom. However, doctors have to keep a good balance between the patient’s manual efforts and their own services, because they cannot rely totally on smartphones, proper guidance of doctors is very necessary.

Useful technological devices and apps for health

Medical camera is great device which is produced by Firefly Global, especially for the purpose of sharing images with the patients. They give this device to doctors for taking photos of their patients, which is later on shared with them. It also helps doctors to create a past record of their patients which can be needed in the future. They make these cameras for dentists and ophthalmologists etc. But the negative point of these cameras is that they do not connect to a smartphone, but only to a computer. The price range for these cameras is between 200 to 340 US dollars.

Another useful device is a blood pressure cuff, which is made by a French Start-up (Withings), especially designed for the measurement of a blood pressure’s pulse rate. This device can be easily connected to iPhone or iPad. The price range is approximately 129 US dollars. This app also allows patients to share their health data with their doctors through internet. This app plots the data on a graph form, which becomes easier to interpret and understand.

Some other companies are also participating actively in these sorts of apps and devices. Blood glucose is device that can be connected to iPhone, created by AgaMatrix Company, which is useful if you want to measure how much glucose you have in your blood. Johnson & Johnson is also interested in creating such sort of apps and devices which will be helpful.

With the advancement in technology, at least we are going in the right direction by utilizing the technology more effectively and efficiently. The availability of these dives depends on the disease, the bigger the disease; the more chances will be the availability of the device, especially like heart disease etc. So, we can hope that smarphones will be the medicine of the future.

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