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Updated October 6, 2023

One of the hardest things you experience when looking to transfer documents from one format to another is seeing the end result. Sometimes the changes are so crazy and misaligned that it looks completely unprofessional. Fortunately, Jos Vernon and Jon Anderson started the company ABCpdf which helps in formatting documents to pdf.

Some things were just meant to be

ABCpdf began after the dotcom time of IT businesses and everyone was jumping in to get a piece of the market that was going faster then anyone ever imagined. It wasn’t too much longer before many of these dotcom upstarts fell hard and went out of business. ABCpdf was established when Jos Vernon a former AI geek at Logical Space Defence Systems met Jon Anderson a NASA geek and knew that they should be working together.

They released their first edition of ABCpdf in May of 2002. It provided the world with a great way to generate PDF documents quickly and efficiently. As proud as they were about its release and success, they knew that the world of IT is ever changing. Today’s next great thing could be obsolete within a few months.

They continued to improve upon their product and looked for innovative ways to use it.  The product is continually revamped and each version adds better functionality and compatibility to make better use of ABCpdf. It also keeps it current in the competitive field of IT products.

Helping Hand

ABCpdf understands that bad things happen to good people. Some clients can give firsthand testimonials to how ABCpdf has gone beyond being a faceless company on the Internet to actual people who care about other humans who may be hurting in tough financial times. They have given away free products with clients offering to pay it back when they got on their feet. Sure enough all of these clients held true to their word and now ABCpdf has a devoted following just because they wanted to give a hand and support their clients.

Giving to a good cause

So not only does ABCpdf work with Fortune 500 companies, it also provides services for the small guy too. They have given free software to many worthwhile causes such as Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief- they provide healthcare in Africa and RAPID UK, which supplies search and rescue skills in disasters around the world.

As an added bonus, ABCpdf gives a goat with all higher value services purchased (although, the real goat goes to live in a needy village in an African community through the FarmAfrica organization). The company who purchases this higher value service will receive a smaller plastic version of the goat ABCpdf donated on their behalf.

One thing that makes the program special is that you don’t need any special training to get the pdf you want. It is as simple as point, load and click.

Improving upon core offerings

Some of the newer products they offer for sale are ImageGlue, WordGlue, ABCocr, TaskGarden, Infix and ABCUpload. You will find that they give away a free license key to allow companies to try their software and make an educated decision about whether they can use it or not. They have so many new compatible products as well as great tools to make everyday technology needs easy to use and benefit from.

As the world continues to advance and progress at an incredibly fast rate, you can bet that ABCpdf will be there with us each step of the way constantly improving their products and making life more compatible with computers one pdf at a time.

Author Bio:- Daniel is a lead editor for Investment Underground. He covers topics in technology, materials, and information services. A former journalist and accountant, he has a strong interest in value investing and he is a proud disciple of Benjamin Graham.

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