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Updated October 6, 2023

If you like to be up to date but you don’t have the time for reading many different newspapers, covertimes may be an interesting website for you.


Covertimes (now available in 33 languages and still growing) lets you to see the covers of newspapers all around the world, classified by countries and categories (finances, national, local, sports…).

The covers of the main media are displayed on screen as soon as you enter the site.By cliking on them, you can make them bigger, which allows you to read comfortably the headlines on them. Additionally, related covers from past days will be accessible and, in the lower part, the RSS with the last news from the electronic version of the same newspaper.

Covertimes screenshot
If it isn’t enough for you, for a number of newspapers, an archive of up to 1250 old covers is available.This way you can search certain topics and news among them.
Moreover, theres a possibility of labelling your favourite newspapers for receiving their covers daily in your email.

For website owners, Covertimes offers a totally customizable widget that will allow to display the last update of the chosen cover directly on their website.

Search by Country

Covertimes is also available as an application in AppStore and Google Play, where it offers the same features than the website on your iphone or android.

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