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Updated October 6, 2023

We all are optimizing our blogs for Search Engines and for that we have to follow all the practices and techniques, which are advised by all top SEO experts. One of the most useful technique which is very important in Blog SEO is  Interlinking (Part of OnPage Optimization).  Interlinking can provide you 4 benefits.

Usefulness for Readers

If your blog is interlinked with your previous posts (Related Posts), then it can provide more useful and informative information to your readers. The more information you provide to your readers, the more will you get trust and relationship from your readers.


Interlinking is probably one of the most important factor in SERP. Search engines love the blogs which are optimized wisely by the blog owner. It is advices to always interlink at least 2 of your posts (only related posts) with the a new post to increase your blog rank position in search engines.

Page Preview

Page Preview is also very important for your blog. The more your blog creates page preview, the more it will attract advertisers. It will also increase your blog Alexa Rank. Alexa Rank is also very important if you want to attract advertisers to your blog.


It can also increase your earnings. If you are using adsense then it can increase the chance of clicks on your ads. CTR is totaly depends on your ads placements. But if your ads are placed well, then interlinking your posts can increase the chance of clicking on ads.

Insert Adsense below Post for better ads placement.

How to Interlink your Blog Posts with ease

Update: This plugin is no more available. Alternatively you can use the following Plugins to automatically link to your Internal Posts.

If your blog has more then 500 posts, then it is very difficult to remember and interlink closely related post with your new post. But using Insight Plugin yo can easily interlink your old posts with in seconds. Insight provide you a very easy and handy way to search your old posts inside your “New Post” area. After installing the plugin, you will see a new box just after the writing area. Where you can enter the term and press the “Search” button. Insight will find all the posts which contain the term you entered in the Search box. Copy the link of the post you want to interlink with your new posts and that’s all.

Insight also provide you more features which are also very useful.

  • Google Blog Search
  • Bing Search
  • Google Search
  • Search News
  • Insert Flicker Images
  • Insert Goolge Map
  • Insert You Tube Videos

This is what Insight Plugin will provide you these features to save your time in writing a new post.

Download Insight Plugin and install it now. Activate the plugin and start a new post. You will see another box just ofter the writing area. Enjoy the power insight and save time in writing posts.

Note:- Always backup wordpress database before installing any plugin.


  • Yes Insight is a very useful plugin. I will save allot of time in interlinking previous posts.
    Thanks for commenting at Tech Maish.

  • Extreme John

    I might have to give this one a shot it looks better than the one I use to use and stopped using, I stopped using it because in the event I stopped using the plugin I didn’t want to have a bunch of broken links throughout my site.

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