Incoming Mails Get Deleted Automatically Without Being Read?

Updated October 6, 2023

It is advisable not to run anti-virus, anti-spam, or mail-scanning firewall software on your incoming Microsoft Outlook application emails. This is because most of the times, when you run anti-virus software on your system, the PST file of MS-Outlook application gets damaged or corrupt. If an Anti-virus software is running at the back while sending/receiving mails from your system, then the possibility of losing some mails is quite high. But don’t worry. Whenever important mails get deleted, recover them with the help of specialized software. Nowadays, a number of deleted mail recovery software are also available that are specifically designed to recover deleted emails.

Have you ever encountered a situation, wherein your e-mails get automatically deleted from the Inbox without prior notification. E-mail application notifies you when a mail is received in the Inbox folder. Many times it happens that when you try to read new incoming mails, you find no mails in Inbox folder. The mail has been deleted without you deleting, or even reading it.


Causes that are responsible for the occurrence of above error message are listed below:

  • An Anti-virus software, anti-spam program, or a mail-scanning firewall is running that is permanently deleting the mails from the Inbox folder itself.
  • Defined Outlook rule for deleting e-mails also cause permanent deletion of mails from your Inbox.


Follow some simple tips to solve above problem:

  1. Make sure that Anti-virus software, anti-spam program, or a mail-scanning firewall is not scanning the e-mails, as these applications delete those mails which they analyze as probable threat to the computer.
  2. Remove or delete an Outlook rule from your system that is deleting the incoming e-mails from your e-mail account. To search for the rule, go to Tools > Rules and Alerts. This will ensure that the new emails are not deleted.
  3. incoming mail get deleted

  4. For getting the deleted mails back, you can request the sender to resend the e-mails that you have not read. But it is not possible to find out which sender’s mail have not been checked by you.
  5. You need to take the help of a third party deleted mail recovery software to recover deleted e-mails. These software recover all the mails that have been deleted, and do not reside in the ‘Deleted Items’ folder.

Third party software are easy to use tools,  designed with rich graphical user interface and use advanced scanning technique to scan the entire Outlook.

Author: The author of this article is a technical writer ,  email recovery expert and has been writing articles since a long time on many topics such as EDB to PST conversion and recover deleted emails from MS outlook and MS Exchange Server.

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