Identifying with Mobile Monitoring Software the 5 Types of Employees you do NOT Want

Updated October 6, 2023

Mobile monitoring software is becoming main stream in the USA. And it’s not a surprise. While mobile phones are necessary and increase the productivity of employees, they are also a cost and if those phones aren’t used the way they are intended to, they will become expenses. You certainly don’t give your employees a mobile phone so that they play angry birds at work, do you?

mobile monitoring software

This software allows you to spot and identify the following employees (and I’m sure you do not want them in your company at all):

  • The Lazy. You know this one. If he knows you’re going to be out of the office, he’ll arrive late. If you have to go to meet a client, he’ll leave early. If he is not in your line of sight, he’ll sit back and relax.
  • The Player. He probably started with solitaire but has now graduated to Angry Birds. He thinks the company phone is a video game console and he takes advantage of any moment he can to play games. He is sometimes so addicted that he plays games INSTEAD of doing the job you’re paying him to do.
  • The Social. He just can’t get enough of Facebook or other social sites. He’ll use the phone you give him to update his Facebook status with the most banal or trivial of events. He’ll upload photos of a funny sign he saw on the street or a picture of what he had for lunch or he’ll just chat away with his friends or relatives. And while he has every right to do so, he doesn’t have the right to do it with the company’s phone.
  • The Thief. When things start to disappear around the office, it’s because of the actions of this one. He’ll start little, with pens and pencils and things like that. Eventually, if not caught, he’ll move to company USBs, hardware and yes, money from the cash register or worse. He feels somehow entitled to this because he earns less than you do, although of course he never takes into account that you worked harder and for longer than he did.
  • The Traitor. This is the worst of them all and the one that deserves to be fired without any consideration. At least you could argue that the other ones are having reasonable flaws, but the traitor is just an ingrate that wants to hurt your company for the sake of it. He’ll sabotage things, for example, by refusing to give information or materials to others. Or he will sell industry secrets to the competition. They may even take your know-how and start a new company themselves, taking some of your employees with them.

With the use of mobile monitoring software, these employees can be spotted and stopped right away, saving your lots of grief in the future.

Author Bio:- Brian Coulter is Both an Expert and an Enthusiast about Smart phones. He Tests the Latest in Mobile Phone Hardware and Software and Shares His Views. He is also developer of Mobile Phone Spy Software.

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