How To Send SMS Through Google Chrome(India)?

Updated October 6, 2023

There are many SMS sending and receiving services on the web, which allows you to send SMSs anywhere in India using internet, but I bet you won`t find a service like this which is so precise to use and that too without ads. And on the top of that you can use it right through your Google Chrome web browser without visiting any websites to send SMSs.

FullOn - SMS

FullonSMS is a Google Chrome App which through the easy to use interface lets you send SMSs(ads free) to anywhere in India. This is a Google Chrome App provided by, allows you to send SMSs right through the Google Chrome Browser.

How To Send SMS?

  • Download and install FullonSMS Google Chrome App.

Google Chrome App Section

  • Once done, go to your Google Chrome App section, there you will find this icon for FullonSMS. Click on it.
  • Fill a small form to register(won`t take more than a few seconds). Verify the email address and you will get a password to access the service on your mobile phone.
  • Login using this detail and get started to send SMSs anywhere in India.

All the SMS sent are ads free – no ads related to their website will appear in the SMS. Receiver will not get any idea from where you have send the SMS. Along with that there is a list of auto generated messages which can be used for sending purpose. You can only sent message up to 160 characters. And no group messaging is allowed via the Google Chrome App, but you can send group messages via their website. There you can create unlimited groups to send messages across the country. One thing which I like about this service is it`s user interface and the ease with which the user can send SMSs via Google Chrome Extension.

Do you find this service Google Chrome App useful? What other services you use for such purpose? Do connect with me via comments.

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