How To Launch A Carsharing Service

Updated October 6, 2023

Carsharing Service

Technology has revolutionized the transportation industry, and one such innovation is the ability to share your car – aka ridesharing or car sharing. It is a practical and functional approach to transportation that benefits not only car owners but also people who are not able to afford one.

With the sky-high cost of living and everyday expenses, owning and maintaining a car is beyond affordable for many. This is made evident by the latest Federal Reserve Bank of New York claims that more than 7 million Americans are at least 3 months behind on their car loan payment.

The good news is that people no longer need to pay for a car and its insurance and maintenance, and they still get to ride a car to and from work and other engagements. Also, those who already own a car can put their vehicle up for sharing and make a decent amount of money.

Just think of it as Airbnb for cars – temporarily renting out your car like renting out a room, apartment, or house. You can easily get yourself registered with an existing carsharing platform, or even start your own carsharing business with the help of Ridecell. But, let’s dive in and understand how you can launch a carsharing service.

Launching A Carsharing Service

The concept is quite simple, car owners rent out their vehicles by proximity, and they are paid based on time, utilized fuel, and insurance costs. For instance, if you are driving to work where your car stays parked for hours at a stretch – you can put it up for sharing until you get done from work.

Moreover, those seeking a car can find one within reach at all times (your coverage area), once the car has been used, it can be left wherever, or drivers may be asked to park it in a dedicated parking lot.

If you have made the conscious decision to start this business, you will be happy to know that there are many carsharing platforms to choose from. Register, get equipped with the necessary digital resources, and you can start earning – the average host makes around $629 a month.

How Does It Work?

Once registered, you can place your car, or even an entire fleet of vehicles, up for sharing. Car seekers will locate your car via an app. Typically, they scan a barcode or something similar to unlock the car, find the keys within the car, and they can begin their ride.

The costs of the ride start getting aggregated as soon as the paddle is pressed, and once the journey ends, the driver can pay via credit card or get it deducted from the balance already in their carsharing application.

Is It Safe?

You are not wrong to be concerned about the safety of your vehicle in the hands of random people. The good thing is that almost all ride-sharing services thoroughly screen the drivers. They can access their chosen rides only after meeting the requirements and passing security checks.

In the off chance, the car is damaged by the driver, they can be reached as all information is available via the application, and all such issues are covered by insurance. The bottom line is that tech-infused applications powered by AI have made it easier than ever to share and hail a vehicle.

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