How Germany Has Standardized Machinery Maintenance

Updated October 6, 2023

Standardized Machinery Maintenance

German machines are built to last, but even the most advanced and robust machines will require regular maintenance. This will prolong the life, ensure that the machines run safely and efficiently and allow your staff to carry out their roles with confidence each day. Additionally, regular maintenance can help you to detect any issues early which could otherwise lead to breakdowns or safety hazards.

Machinery In Germany

Germany is currently one of the leaders when it comes to providing customized ma-chinery and equipment (M&E) products to the global manufacturing industry for small and medium sized businesses. It currently ranks as third in the world for M&E turnover, only falling behind the two heavyweights China and USA who come first and second respectively.


One of the best and most important ways to maintain your business’s machines is through operator training. You need to teach the operator how to properly and safely use the machine, what problems to look out for and how they can care for the machine while they work. German machines can be complex with new technology like digital automation so operator training will be key for safe usage.


Even as a country leading the way in sophisticated machinery, there can still be a lot of friction generated through moving parts which can take its toll (especially if the machine is used heavily every day). Keeping a regular schedule of lubrication maintenance is key and will prolong the life of the machine and keep it working smoothly. You also need to make sure that you are using the right type of lubricant as there are different types for different components (check the manufacturer recommendations).

Look for Signs of Wear

German machines are built to last but repeated use of machinery can take its toll, so it is important to regularly examine the machine to look for signs of wear and/or damage. This should help you to identify issues before they become large problems and give you time to order replacement parts.

Keep a Record of Use

It is helpful to keep a record of the machine’s use so that you can get a clear idea of just how heavily used it is. If it is a machine that is used daily, then you will need to monitor it closer than you would a machine that is only used on occasion. This can be tricky for large German brands which have complex operations but you could use an hour meter from somewhere like RS Components which will help you to keep track of time of machine/equipment usage.

Maintenance Plan

Having a maintenance plan and schedule in place is important because it means that all machines will be looked at regularly and you will not forget. Keep records of your maintenance and any repairs/replacements that have to be made so that you have a clear and accurate overview of the machine’s history.

Germany is pioneering when it comes to machinery but even the most advanced and sophisticated machines will require careful maintenance to prolong the life and for safe and efficient usage each day.

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