GPS Tracking – Was My Car Stolen or Repossessed?

Updated October 6, 2023

Picture this. You wake up one fine July morning on what promises to be a beautiful day. You can’t wait to go for that drive on that lovely stretch of green that takes you to work. There’s a spring in your step as you lock your house and make way to your car. But hold on a second….why can’t you find it? That shiny new car you invested in is no longer in the spot you left it last night. Did you park it elsewhere? A myriad possibilities run through your mind. But the foremost of them being – “Was my car repossessed or stolen?!”

Forget foreclosure, car repossession is ever on the rise. It has been the highest in the past ten years.  And if you miss even a single payment, whatever be the reason, or are behind your payment more than 60 days, then there is a good chance that your car will be repossessed at any time. Repossession can be done at anytime and anywhere, without warning. What if you had some valuables in your car and your car was nowhere to be found? If it was indeed repossessed, can you get the valuables back?

If you had a GPS Tracking Device, installed in your car, it is possible to locate your vehicle instantaneously. What’s more, if your car was stolen, you will be immediately alerted. Car repossession might have face different jurisdiction laws in different states, but the important part is you will be able to locate your car, and sometimes even soon enough to recover valuables from your car before it is auctioned away. You can understand more about car repossession and jurisdiction here.

If your vehicle was stolen, then having Vehicle GPS Tracking is like a blessing in disguise. Track whereabouts and set alerts that can be immediately sent to the police in case your car breaches a designated geo-fenced area. Car alarms are a thing of the past as they can be easily disabled making theft and subsequent getaway a cinch.

In case of repossession, you are sometimes given a grace period to reclaim your car by paying off your debt. But this is not always the case and most of the times, car repo companies don’t go by the book and sell the vehicles off, very cheap in an auction. Times like these, it pays to have a GPS tracking device installed. You may not be able to reclaim your vehicle immediately, but at least you can track it down from the thousands of repossessed cars and bid appropriately at the auction to own it again.

Vehicle GPS tracking devices and associated software do not have any monthly fees. You don’t pay if you don’t track. In a nutshell, GPS devices will give you complete peace of mind. They can help you track down vehicles if they have been repossessed or stolen as Geo-fence reports send you exact location and co-ordinates each time your vehicle moves in or out of a predetermined area. With GPS trackers, stay rest assured and safe.

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  • Gautham Nekkanti

    GPS is one of the best innovations of 21st Century, Thanks for sharing this information

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