Design Your Own Business Cards in Easy Steps [Photoshop Tutorial]

Updated October 6, 2023

The printing companies to which you give orders of making your business cards can charge you a lot of money but now you can save that money by making your own business cards.  You can do that in easy steps.  You can easily choose your own choices of designs as well as colors and font and make a perfect card for yourself.

1st Step: Setting In Photoshop

In the very first step you wouldn’t open up four to shop and then create a new document that has the weight of 4.5 inches and a height of 3 inch is because this is the standard size all the business card.  You can always change the size of this business card if you have some other priorities.  But however if you choose to stick to this site is then you can easily have topics that can cover the ages up your business card.  In order to do so just set your resolution to 300 pixels per inch.  Before you bring this business card in the end make sure that you convert to about CMYK at color mode.

business card

2nd Step: Setting Guidelines

Before you start the actual designs now you will set up your Guidelines.  Before you start you have to ensure the short owners are showing and if they are not showing then you can easily go to the View and click on Rulers.  Select the Move Tool them click the side of the document and drag it along the document in order to draw out a new guideline.  Drop your mouse by releasing it and this will and rob the guide into place.  After this you can set your guidelines are shown in the image below where easily.  The outside lines such as C would be your bleed lines and therefore you would want to extend your graphics over here.  Since these are very important lines you cannot cut off inside these lines.


card design

3rd Step: Creating Background

In order to create the background you will have to create a new layer.  Click on the Create a new layer icon which is present in the bottom of the Layer’s palette.  Now click on the Foreground Color icon and then enter #d57715.  You can always change the color that you want to have.  Now select the paint bucket tool and then click on your document as the guidance you create should show on top of your background.


4th Step: Creating Effects

Select Filter>Render>Lighting Effects. You can use a similar setting below or you can create your own lighting effect with creativity.

fourth step

5th Step: Adding Textures

Business cards look really good with textures and now you can create them. If you want you can look up free textures as well or download the following pattern from or other sites. Select your graphic picture and save it in your documents. In order to open your texture graphic in Photoshop, click Ctrl+A and select the whole texture and Copy it. Open your document and create a new layer and paste the texture that you had copied. You will see the texture on the top.

fifth step

6th Step: Adding Text

Now is the time to add text. Create a new layer in your document and select Horizontal Type Tool and then select your own font, color and size. Start typing your first line of text and edit it accordingly. Add Company Name, address, contact number and your name etc.

sixth step

7th Step: Printing Your Card

Now you will print your business card. Save a copy and then print it after you have merged all your layers.

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