Using Modern Print Media: Top Tips to Attract the Right Audience

Updated October 6, 2023

Most people think print media is on its way out, but when combined with modern advertising venues, it can make it much easier to target the right audience. If you’re in business, and you’re looking for a way to revitalize a tired marketing campaign, here are a few ways to use an old marketing method with some new tools.

Use Personalized Web Pages

Personalized web pages are pages that speak directly to a user. They typically utilize special code that can personalize a page, letter, form, or app embedded on the page with a particular user’s name and some other information (as long as you already have access to this information).Digital Printing

So, for instance, you might send out a print newsletter or a mailer and ask users to visit a special page where they type in their name or a code printed on the mailer. Once they do this, they will be presented with a special page full of information that is tailored to them.

Whether that’s a social media feed that speaks to their interests, or a quiz that populates with information relevant to them or a sales page customized with their name, you can create a special experience that takes the prospect from the impersonal nature of print advertising to a personal experience online.

Use QR Codes Intelligently For A Personalized Experience and Updates

QR codes never really took off, but that’s largely because the technology was implemented poorly. If you want to use codes like this intelligently, you need to build an audience first, get them interested in your brand, then use your own QR code app to entice people to keep coming back for free promotional material or special offers. You can send out direct mail packages if you’re willing to invest in the best printer for envelopes and send out mailers religiously to your prospects and customers.

It will work if people are already somewhat familiar with you and like you.

Use Landing Pages With Print Media

Landing pages can be tied to print media for testing purposes. Just make a different URL for each mailer you send out, or for a group of mailers you send out. You can then track the response for each mailer and see how successful it is.

Promote Social Media Contests Using Print Ads

It seems funny to print out social media icons because you obviously can’t click on them with your finger, and neither can prospects. But, you can integrate a message with the social media profile and ask users to engage you there.

For example, hold a contest on one of your social media accounts, and entice users to meet you there through your print media.

You could advertise your Twitter account, for example, and then live tweet an event where you’ll hold a contest. Encourage people to use your company’s hashtag and post photos of themselves with your product, or engaging with your brand somehow. The most creative or inspiring submission wins.

Either way, you get free promotion from users who want to promote your brand so that they can win.

Billy Morton has worked as a marketing consultant for small-medium businesses for 8 years. He shares his industry knowledge on a range of business blogs around the web.

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