Business Video Content: How to Improve Yours

Updated October 6, 2023

Businesses in this day and age should be exploring every avenue available for content, and video content is one important method to use. Because the online world is such a visual place, having eye-catching videos and media content will be a huge plus for businesses, whether on their website or on their social media channels.

Why is Video Content Important?

Video content can more easily be accessed by a wider audience when browsing the internet. Video content can be played on a screen while your target audience is on their lunch break, can be played in the background while they are working, or can be listened to or watched during a commute. Video content is adaptable, visual, and exciting, and it’s a great way to get your content seen and heard.

How to Improve Yours: Quick Tips

  • Have a Clear Goal for Every Video

To create a successful video, having a clear goal in mind from the very beginning is a must. For example, is your video there to entertain and inform? Is it there to push a particular product or result in a sale? Knowing what you’re looking to achieve with your video will help you make the right decisions regarding everything relating to that video, whether it’s a script, editing, music, or people involved. This will also help you to avoid wasting time creating videos that they don’t fit the goal.

  • Include Transcription or Translation Services for Your Videos

To make your videos go as far as possible, it’s important to think about any extra facilities you can include to make sure they’re accessible to as many people as possible. For example, if you’re targeting a global market, then using a professional translation service, whether with real-time captions or with a transcript document translation, will be significantly helpful for your content. Transcription services, in general, are always encouraged, as this makes your content accessible for those hard of hearing.

It can also boost your marketing if you can use keywords to boost your SEO with a written transcript. Of course, if you have one primary language market that you are targeting, using a voiceover app to have a professional’s voice dubbed over the video is a good idea, as voiceover has been shown to increase engagement and conversions from video. You can also consider recording multiple voiceovers in different languages, depending on how wide of a net you are trying to cast with your video.

  • Match Video Length with Purpose

A lot of the time, your target market won’t enjoy watching long and arduous videos. Within a fast-paced online world, viewers can very quickly become bored, continue scrolling or quit your video if the point isn’t made quickly enough.

When it comes to video length, it’s crucial to always match it to the desired goal or purpose of the video, including where you’re posting the video content. Short and snappy is key to grabbing attention when users are scrolling for social media videos, but short and snappy doesn’t always work for certain content. For instance, if you’re giving an in-depth product tour or instruction video, it may need to be long and informative. In this case, you might want to edit a short snippet to post to social media to then provide a link to the full video on your website or streaming platform.

Length should always fit purpose and platform for improved chance of video success.

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