Best Construction Management Software: Most Popular For 2020

Updated October 6, 2023

Construction Management Software

The best construction management software will help your company to oversee all on-site and off-site construction crews and follow the progress of a project from groundbreaking to closeout. With good software, you can manage a project, schedule tasks, manage workers, and do much more. On the project management team software we’ll explore today, you can time track, create and share punch lists, crew route, and manage expenses.

When you are shopping for construction management software, you should consider its functionality vis a vis what you need. Some options provide more comprehensive functionality, including accounting and estimation of costs. Any software that offers three or more high-level features is referred to as a suite.

All software options used for construction management allow managers to schedule field construction workers, track the progress of projects, and record project information. Below is the best construction management software for 2020 and beyond.

Top Project Management Team Software

Best Software: Procore

Procore is a comprehensive project management software that handles all projects from the planning phase to closeout. Using the platform, every stakeholder in the project is connected, allowing a great flow of communication. The app connects all stakeholders to solutions that Procore has developed for the construction industry.

With over 150 partner solutions on the platform, users of this app have the freedom to find what works best for them. When using the app, you can communicate with a large team to facilitate working together by establishing common ground through the platform. Anyone on the team can access any information they need through the platform.

Procore also goes to great lengths to educate industry professionals on the best ways to conduct business. To learn more about how to negotiate as a general contractor, visit this site.

PlanRadar is an award-winning digital B2B platform for documentation, task management and
communication in construction and real estate projects. The platform enables teams to increase
quality, cut costsand realise work faster.

By improving collaboration and providing access to real-time data, PlanRadar’s easy-to-use platform
adds value to every person involved in a building’s lifecycle, with flexible capabilities for all company
sizes and processes. Today, PlanRadar serves more than 120,000 users across 65 + countries.

Assemble Systems

Assemble is an app developed to offer quick responses during use. The app allows professionals in the construction industry to condition, to query, and connect BIM data to various project workflows. You can connect BIM data to estimating, design reviews, takeoffs, change management, value engineering, and schedule management. When using the app, every member of the project team has instant access to models and drawings. The members can also group, filter, and sort quantities. They also get instant access to project inventory and to organize project data using parameters entered by the user, such as locations.


Touchplan is a construction collaboration tool to manage large teams. The app is ideal for field teams, planners, and anyone else with a stake in a project. You can access project details anywhere through the web-based platform. Using Touchplan allows you to grow business by enhancing the efficiency of all operations. The success of the app can be attributed to affiliated services with MOCA systems.


JobNimbus sports features that make it great for use by roofers and remodelers. Using the app, you will save time and money on the job using the communication and management tools is provides. The easy-to-use interface allows construction managers to track sales and the progress of a project. You can also use the app to create estimates and invoices, take and upload photos, create and share documents, assign work orders, schedule tasks, access project calendars, track payments, and do much more. You can also use the app to create live reports which will be accessible to anyone on the team. The construction management software free trial and premium versions are available on Web, Android, and iOS.

Autodesk BIM 360

BIM 360 sports a design that allows all stakeholders to converge in one platform, access project details, and make informed decisions through consultations. Some of the features on this project management team software include design collaboration, planning, documentation and reviews, safety guides, and much more. The app connects teams, data, and workflows on a project.


This is among the best construction management software for remodelers and home builders. BuilderTrend offers many solutions, including project scheduling, customer, project, and service management, all in a single suite. Running as a web-based platform, the platform is accessible anywhere using a computer or mobile device. The platform offers a variety of pre-sale tools such as a built-in CRM system, proposals, and quick bids.

When managing projects, you will have access to features such as scheduling, timesheets, and budgeting tools. In the customer management section, you can change order, manage warranty requests, and process payments. You can also integrate the BuilderTREND system with Xero and Quickbooks. If you are new to the platform, BuilderTrend offers and account manager and unlimited support at all times.


There are many more construction management software free and premium version solutions. You can look at the range of features each software offers when picking one that will meet your needs. Again, when shopping, you can consider the pricing model and the functionality of the software on mobile devices. Most contractors want to manage projects on-site and off-site. As such, mobile-friendliness for a construction management app is an added advantage. Whichever platform you choose from the ones above, you will enjoy using a simple interface with a wide range of project management features.

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