Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters That You Can Buy

Updated October 6, 2023

Cell Phones have become an essential part of our lives, and with poor network service, it amounts to a significant problem in our lives. Here we list out 6 Cell Phone Signal Boosters for all purposes.

The necessity for a Cell Phone Signal Booster

Mobile or cell phone signal boosters are also commonly called repeaters, signal amplifiers, and network extenders. It is a device that boosts the signal sent by your phone to a cell phone tower and the signal received by the cell phone tower. You’ll be able to get services in places you wouldn’t usually be able to. They improve 4G LTE signal and are 5G ready across all major American carriers and phones. Dropped calls, unsent texts, and poor data speeds can all be fixed with a cell phone signal booster.

Boost Mobiler Signals

Home and Office Space Cell Phone Signal booster

1. weBoost Home MultiRoom Signal Booster Kit

If you’re looking for a cell phone signal booster in the first place, you’re probably not seeking a tiny boost, you need a significant increase, and not just in one room. weBoost’s directional antenna design might be a bit challenging to put up compared to an omnidirectional booster. Still, the payoff is an efficient, powerful signal with up to 65 dB in strength. The Home MultiRoom package, like all of weBoost’s offerings, is designed to pull in bands from any carrier, including Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and even US Cellular, or any virtual operator on one of the major carriers’ towers.

Network support: Universal

Type: Directional

Coverage: 5,000 sq ft

Maximum gain: 65 dB

2. SureCall Fusion4Home

SureCall’s Fusion4Home omnidirectional service doesn’t need to be concentrated on a single tower to strengthen your home connection. It also works with all networks across all bands, making it one of the most user-friendly signal boosters available. The problem is that being an omnidirectional antenna, it is unlikely to improve things as much as a directional antenna would. As a result, if you only have a few to zero bars at home, this isn’t the booster for you.

Network support: Universal

Type: Omnidirectional

Coverage: 2,000 sq ft

Maximum gain: 72 dB

3. SureCall EZ 4G

The SureCall EZ 4G is your best bet if you’re stuck in an apartment or other rental. It does not require the installation of an external antenna; instead, it mounts to one of your windows. As a result, don’t expect the same level of performance as some of the other items on this list, but SureCall claims up to 72 decibels and 2,000 square feet of coverage. This can be the choice for you if you need a slight boost in your rental home.

Network support: Universal

Type: Omnidirectional

Coverage: 2000 sq. ft

Maximum Gain: 72 dB

Large Home and Office Space Cell Phone Signal Booster

1. weBoost Home Complete – 470145/ weBoost for Business Office 100 – 472060/473060

A few cell phone booster alternatives are available if you have a large home or workplace (approximately 5,000-20,000 sq ft), depending mainly on your outside signal strength.

We recommend the weBoost Home Complete if your outside signal is strong to decent. It will cover most large homes with maximum coverage of 7,500 square feet.

We also propose the weBoost for Business Office 100 if your outside signal is weak. With flawless outdoor signals, it can cover up to 25,000 square feet. However, most people will, as well as dome antennas for drop tile ceilings, receive between 10,000 and 15,000 square feet.

Network support: Universal

Type: Directional/Omnidirectional

Coverage: up to 20,000 sq. ft

Maximum gain: 100 dB

2. Cel-fi GO X

One of the most powerful signal boosters on this list is the Cel-Fi GO X. It has a maximum output of 100 decibels, which translates to significant improvements in cell phone coverage in your home or workplace. It can also cover up to 15,000 square feet (under ideal conditions), ideal for large houses or small businesses.

The GO X achieves its 100 dB power by focusing on a single carrier. You choose the one you need for your home or workplace, but if your carrier changes, you may swap them on the fly. Additional antennae can be added for increased coverage.

Network support: Universal

Type: Directional

Coverage: up to 15,000 sq. ft

Maximum gain: 100 dB

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for on-road vehicles & rural areas

1. weBoost Drive Reach

A vehicular cell phone signal booster can keep you connected on the map no matter where you are. There are several dead zones and rough signal patches on our country’s roadways, and a mobile signal booster will eliminate or mitigate nearly all of them. As a result, the weBoost Drive Reach comes highly recommended. It features the greatest uplink of any car cell booster, as well as a variety of antenna upgrade choices to offer you the range you need, no matter where you drive in the country.

Network support: Universal

Type: Directional

Coverage: Single phone

Maximum gain: 50 dB


Signal boosters are remarkable devices that have again enhanced and proven science and technology’s reputation—no more worries about the poor network. Staying connected has never been this important, and from the list, you can pick out whichever Booster that suits you the best. With Cell Phone signals boosters stay connected without any hassle.

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