6 Tips for Using Couponing Apps with your Smartphone

Updated October 6, 2023

Coupons have always been an effective way to save money. Now coupons have entered the digital age. Users with Smartphone can download couponing apps designed for mobile devices. These mobile apps are growing in popularity with cost-conscious shoppers. For those who want to save money on their purchases, there are a few tips to help you get the most from your mobile coupon app.

1. Download the coupons app

These mobile apps are free from such websites as CellFire and Saving Star. Choose most suitable for your Smartphone.

2. Search for digital coupons while in the store

Apps are a convenient way to search for coupons on items your buy on a regular basis. Using your Smartphone you scan the barcode of the item you want to buy. The couponing app searches for any discounts available at the store you are in or from the product’s manufacturer. If coupons exist, they are then uploaded to your Smartphone. You now get savings in real time at the cash register.

3. Stack the coupons

You get additional savings by stacking the coupons. With stacking shoppers combine the retailer’s coupon and the manufacturer’s coupon (if available) to get a larger discount. In some cases, e-coupons companies such as Shortcuts or CellFire may also offer discounts on the same product. This can lead to tremendous savings. By stacking, you may get a product for very little money or maybe even for free.

4. Read the coupon’s fine print

Digital coupons work just like paper coupons. Shoppers have to read the fine print to know what conditions exist to get the discount. Some coupons are only applicable to certain sizes. Another possible stipulation is that you have to purchase two items to get the discount. In every case, shoppers can use coupons only once and for one product only. Once used, the coupon disappears from your digital list of coupons. Another important detail on the coupon is the expiration date. By following a few simple rules, you shouldn’t have any problems getting your digital coupons accepted.

5. Limit the number of coupons you load

Some couponing apps limit the number of coupons you can load. Some only allow 100 coupons. Keeping this in mind, a wise shopper only loads coupons he plans to actually use while shopping. Once you load a coupon, you can’t remove it from the list. You have to use the coupon or wait for it to expire.

6. Make a shopping list

A smart way to save even more money is to make a list of everything you want to buy before you go shopping. Once in the store you use the mobile couponing app to find coupons for the items on your list. This cuts down on impulse buys even if there is a coupon for that item.

With a Smartphone you can be a smart shopping. The free mobile couponing apps make shopping more fun. Not only do you buy what you need, but you get great savings as well. Digital coupons are a convenient way to keep your coupons organized, and to save you time and money.

Author Bio:- There are a ton of coupon and deal sites available on the web today. It is difficult to sift through all of them to find the best option. Tom Blanchard does all of the work for you and provides his suggestions. The couponcroc.co.uk of the UK has been one of his favorites for a long time running.

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